Sunday, June 25, 2017

Workers, part 3

So, if you read the post from a few days ago, I had someone work like 2 days and then have a better opportunity come up, so they left to do that.  Cool for them.

Well, before that person had even started, I was telling another of my customers about how I was going to have this new person working here.  Their response?  To tell me about how their hours were severely cut at work to like 1-2 days, and they can clean ANYTIME I need, and they're free ALL THE TIME.

So, naturally, when the actual worker quit... I sent this person a text message, asking if she still wanted to work.  She said yes, asked what it paid, and I asked when she was available.  Oh, only the following day, of the entire week.  What happened to anytime?  Lol.  Anyway, so I asked what times she was available that next day, and she told me the times in the morning that she was free.  So I texted, asking, ok, did she want to plan to come then?

She never texted me back, actually not until the following evening, when I texted her, asking about when she planned to pick up a cage that I was holding for her... that she'd already put off picking up, for quite some time.  THEN she said, oh she can come Monday.  So... Wednesday... and then Monday?  So much for anytime (why even say it?).  I told her, well, I'll be out of town, but she could work later in the week... and she is supposed to get back to me with what times she's available for later in the week.  We shall see.


I realize this is the third day in a row I'm talking about these workers who are less-than-working-out.  I'm not doing this to complain, quite the opposite actually -- I just want you all to understand, when people are asking for pictures of chinchillas and asking to bring their chins in, and how come I haven't gotten their order out yet... it's not because I don't want to!  I'd love for someone to say, "hey, snap me some pics of this one chin..." and I go do it... but the main reason it's not so instantaneous is because there's only one of me -- taking the pics, making the toys, making the houses, answering the phone calls, handling the adoptions, doing the paperwork -- and so on and so forth.  And that's fine, I can do it just fine... but patience is very much appreciated, as one person can only do so much so fast!  As always, thanks for your patience :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Workers.. part 2

So, funny thing.  I believe I posted about this when it happened, so some of you may remember it...

I was stopped in the self-checkout at Walmart a while back, but someone who had chinchillas, and wanted to know about the rescue (I was wearing my rescue hoodie at the time).  So I told them what it was, and all that... and they said they'd like to volunteer, all the time, so I gave them my business card.

Fast forward quite a few months (cause I mean... I had my hoodie on), and I get a text message this past Sunday, and the person says they're the lady from the self checkout.  Ok, cool.

Says she still wants to volunteer (yay), and so I ask when.  She says, oh probably Monday, but she'll have to ask her mom to watch the kids.  So I tell her, ok, ask, and then let me know, either way.

There's a little bit of small talk about chins and she asks, if she falls in love with one, can she adopt one, and I told her about the adoption form and how that all works.  And so then she asked about the price range, so I told her what prices they are.

Never got a text back, about volunteering Monday or about anything of that sort... so... guess she's not coming?

Friday, June 23, 2017


So... you all remember me posting the other day about how I had those two workers who didn't think to find a ride until the day of, like a half hour before they were supposed to be here?  Yeah, that was like strike 50 for them, so I was writing up an ad that I was gonna put on fb looking for some help.  You may recall me saying, the reason things are often behind here, is because I'm one person, and I can use help with a variety of things, almost all the time.  More hands get things done considerably quicker.

So... before I ever got a chance to post the ad, I got an email from someone looking for some summer work on the side.  Awesome, saves me all that effort.

So she says she wants to come see what it's like, and so I tell her, hey, come over in the morning, and if she likes it, she can start working.  So, she comes by, nice girl, works that day and the next day, and I'm literally sitting at my computer thinking, man, we've been getting a lot done, and thinking about what we'll continue doing in the future, cause she was also set to work two more days that week, and then we'd go from there on when she'd be coming by to work.

You can see where this is going, right?

I get an email from this girl, letting me know that she got an interview at an animal hospital.  Suppose it's worth mentioning, for purposes of this post, that she's going to vet school in the fall (kudos!), so that'd be right up her alley, and of course, an opportunity she can't pass up.  Therefore... she can't work here any longer.

Well, crud.

Don't get me wrong, it is a great opportunity for her, and assuming she gets the job, she should take it.  But... that leaves me back, square one, for having any help here.  Sounds about right, doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

"Whatever Works for You"

So, this is another one of those things that actually can get quite humorous (albeit, sometimes frustrating), so I wanted to share it with you.

As many of you know, I'm home a lot, and if I don't have any other appointments and plan to be home all day, and someone wants to come see an animal, I will usually ask them what works for them, and plan my day accordingly.  The reason being... it does me no good to say, ok I'm going to go to the store at 6 pm, for no reason other than that's the time I feel like going... and then have the potential adopter want to come at 6 pm... and not be able to have them come... because I'm going to the grocery store.  It's typically better for me to ask when is convenient for them, they'd say 6 pm, and, knowing that, I would go to the store either before or after.

Well... that's how it works with most people anyway.  Scheduling some appointments requires a little more effort.  For example, I've had several conversations that go like this lately:

Me:  I'll be home all week, when works for you.
Them:  Nights and weekends.
Me:  Ok, which day would you prefer?
Them:  Whenever
Me:  Ok, how about Wednesday?
Them:  No, sorry, that won't work for me.
Me:  Ok, Thursday?
Them:  How about Tuesday, instead?
Me:  Ok, what time Tuesday night?
Them:  Well, on Tuesdays I'm only available in the morning.
Me:  Ok, what time would you prefer Tuesday?
Them:  Whenever in the morning is good for you
Me:  Ok, how about 10?
Them:  No, it needs to be earlier than that

Now... before you say this is an exaggerated example... this happens All. The. Time. with multiple people, and it honestly can drag on and on.  I get it -- they want to seem open... but really do have certain times that don't work... I get it.

We typically do find a time... though, sometimes (often) I think it would be easier if they'd just ask, like in the example above, "would I be able to come Tuesday at 8 am?"  You know?  It'd avoid all that other yapping.  But... maybe people like to yap?  I dunno, but it can definitely be humorous at times!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Will The Animal Still Be Here...

This is, by far, one of my favorite, most amusing, questions.  People constantly ask something along the lines of, well, they're not ready to adopt for another few months, will the chinchilla / rabbit / guinea pig / etc. still be here [insert some month, at least 2-3 months minimum into the future]?

The simple answer -- I have no clue!

I've had animals listed for 6 months with no interest... and then in the same day, I'll get three emails from serious adopters wanting to take the animal home.  Likewise, I've had animals with all sorts of interest.... first person falls through, all the others have fallen off the face of the earth by that point, and magically, then no one is interested, and the animal sits here for 6 months.  I've had months where there's four adoptions all month, and then weekends where I'll adopt out 15 animals in two days!  There's no real rhyme or reason to it.  I can tell you when the busier times typically are... but they vary, and this year, we didn't have our busy spring season, so even that just depends.  I mean, heck, my house could burn down tomorrow (heaven forbid), and then none of the animals will be available as of right then.  The thing is... there's no way to know!

Sure, for some animals, I can tell people what I think.  For example, any white chinchilla, whether a baby or adult... unless it's a serious sprayer, has an attitude problem, or is a biter, it's highly adoptable.  When I post it, it won't likely be here all that long.  For other animals, not so much.  Beiges are harder to find homes for,.. unless they have the ear freckles (which most breeders hate... but pet people love... go figure)...but in general... they will be here longer.  Standard greys that aren't babies tend to stick around, unless they're super friendly.  Senior animals of any type tend to stick around.  But of course, there's exceptions to all of this.  I've had some whites that hang around.  I've had some seniors that fly out of here, because someone was waiting in the wings, watching the website, just biting at the bit, waiting for a senior to be posted.  So, I may be able to give you an idea... but in general, people asking about your average aged animal... it's anyone's guess.

In situations like this, I tell people, since we don't hold animals that long, maybe they should check back when they're closer to adopting, and pick out an animal then.  After all, if they want a young animal, and they're looking at a 2 month old now (June), but can't adopt until's going to be 6 months by the time they adopt.  To me, that's still plenty young, but if they want a 2 month old... it would definitely have aged / gotten older in the meantime!

If it was me, I suppose I wouldn't even be looking at animals until I was more ready to bring them home, as if you do find the animal of your dreams... most breeders / rescues will not even consider hanging onto them until next week, much less a few months.  I can't tell you how many dog breeders there are that I've seen list, oh the puppy must be picked up by 9 weeks old, or else the new owner will incur a certain amount for boarding every week.  While I definitely understand the reasoning and concept behind this... that's reality.  If you can't get the animal now... I guess I just don't even understand why you are looking now!  Maybe to find places to get the animal, but I wouldn't be looking at specific animals, myself anyway.  Everyone's different.

I wonder, sometimes, if people think I'm trying to be difficult when I answer these people and tell them I don't know, and explain that adoption times vary, and sometimes the animals find their new homes quickly, and sometimes not... but I honestly don't mean it to be like that.  For me... I just don't know.  No one does.  I wish I could give a better answer... but I suppose, the best way to put it... if they are meant to have that specific animal.. it will still be here, when they are ready.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Planning Ahead of Time

I know this is hard for people.  Well, it must be for some people, anyway...

We had someone the other day, contact us and want to come on a specific date.  I confirmed that we were talking about this month (we'd been talking about this month vs. next month), and they said, yes, this month.  So, I ask, what time?  This was on a Friday.  Lets fast forward to the following Thursday... and I had not yet heard from this person.  Therefore... I had gone and listed the chinchilla, and had another nice family come forward to adopt it, and put down a deposit on it.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, not 12 hours after the second family had put down their deposit, I get an email from the first person, mentioning that it turned out, they had to work on the day we'd talked about, and they asked if they could come another day instead.  Sorry to say... but a little late.

This is where communication comes in handy.  Had this person said to me -- somewhere, between Friday and the following Thursday -- "hey, I know we talked about me coming over on that one day, but I might have to work... not sure at this point... so can I let you know later in the week, and we go from there?" -- this may have turned out significantly differently.  As the case was... I didn't hear from this person for just shy of a week... and to me, that signals disinterest.  In my experience, when people really want to adopt, they get back to you within a day or two.  Anything longer than that... and most likely, they will NOT be getting back to you.  Of course, the exceptions exist -- being out of town, so on and so forth -- but in general, this is true.

Another example -- I have had people miss appointments with no notification or anything to let me know they're not coming.  When I contact them, they'll get back to me, and inform me that their car broke down.  Now... before you say anything... the car didn't break down that morning.  If it did, I could sort of understand, they need to get it fixed, they are trying to arrange rides to wherever they really need to go (which may or may not include here)... I can see this getting lost in the shuffle.  However, it usually goes like this -- "Hey!  Sorry we missed the appointment, our car broke down a week ago."  Maybe I'm old school, but if I have no car, I look in my planner and see what all will be affected, and let those places know.  If I can't get to the doctor's office, I will cancel the appointment.  If I can't make a lunch date with a friend, I let the friend know.  Looking and planning ahead is a good thing, come on!

Possibly the best example (though... most likely an example of laziness + not planning ahead) -- I have two people who were doing some work here for the rescue, and I contacted them the one day, maybe 5 pm.  I asked them, could they come around 10:30 / 11 am, on the following morning (before you say, that's awfully short notice, these people did tell me they only needed 1 hour notice to come by... and between 5 pm and 10:30 am is just shy of 17 hours).  They said maybe they could come, they would let me know... when they responded at 10:30 pm.  I hate last minute stuff, so you may have guessed, my immediate response to this was (in my head, of course)... when are they going to let me know, when they're supposed to be here in the morning, and it's already later at night?  Well, let's ignore that for a second and fast forward to the following morning.  I get a message at 10 am, saying they can come... but they just asked someone for a ride, and they don't think they can find one (which begs the question... why tell me they can come... before they have found a way to get here?).  Long story short, they never did find a ride, and didn't come by.  But... the point for me is... they knew, since 5 pm the previous day, that they might want to come by and work.  So, naturally.... they wait until 10 am (mind you, when they're supposed to BE HERE at 10:30/11 am), to ask people for a ride, and they're surprised when they can't find a ride on such short notice!  Me, I would have been asking people the night before, and trying to get something lined up for the morning.  Cause that's how things work... you know you have to be somewhere, so you arrange, as early as possible, so you have the most time as you possibly can... to make arrangements.  I mean... common sense, no?

It can't be just me that plans ahead and finds these sort of things to be aggravating.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

"Whatever You Recommend"

Wanted to do a quick post about this... been getting an increase in both adoption forms that include the phrase "whatever you recommend" and people telling me they will use "whatever you recommend"... after telling me they read the care packet.

Maybe some people aren't aware -- I write all my care packets.  I do that intentionally, so that there's nothing in there that I don't agree with.  Therefore.... what's in the care packet... is what I recommend.

I wouldn't even mind if people put this for the question, "what food will you feed?" as they may not know which pellet the specific chinchilla is on.  But, no joke. people will use the "whatever you recommend" phrase for the food, dust, chew toys, hay, cage, cage shelves, should they have playtime, should the have treats, are they temperature sensitive??  No joke even.  Honestly... it makes me wonder if some of these people have even read the care packet (which, I do note, they all make sure to mark "yes" (they've read it) for that question)... because I would think they'd pick something.

In the past, I'd see one of these "whatever you recommend" and basically regurgitate what the care packet says.  Then I got to thinking about this... why am I doing this?  They said they read it... there are choices, and that's because there's not one *hallllllllelujah* food / dust / hay that's so perfect that no others compare to it... there's choices... because there's a variety of good options, and people will need to be able to pick for themselves, assuming they're not continuing to get the supplies here.

So, for the last few people, I've been nicely mentioning what's said above, about how the care packet was written by me and that's what I recommend, and they need to choose out of those options, and if they have questions, I am happy to help... but they need to choose.

Which I think is important, because they will need to choose if they go to the pet store and buy this stuff, and I'm not with them (though, I admit, I have gotten phone calls from people in the pet stores, asking if something's safe... perfectly fine!  but for most people, they'll have to decide for themselves).  I can understand not knowing what's best, or having questions.... but please, be an adult and make adult decisions.  Thanks!