Friday, July 5, 2013

Rescue Open/Closed Panic and Emails

First, let's talk about yesterday.  Had a panic moment in the morning when my parents decided to say that I needed to be out of the house with my "zoo" before they showed the house, asap.  Um, crud.  So, if you were one of the people online when this happened, rescue closed signs were up on facebook and on the rescue page of the website, all the animals were discounted 50%, it was a mess.  Cause really, if I had to up and move within a month, a few less animals to deal with would be a blessing.

But later, they came to their senses and we made a deal that I will be out by spring 2014, and in the meantime, they will stop threatening the rescue and being such asses bout it.  Not sure the ass part will stop, but, that's why I need to get out anyway, besides all of this.

So, bout emails.  I'm not one of those pesty people who want to know how my animals are doing 24/7.  I do email people ~7 days after adoption to ask if everything's going well, if people have any questions.  Most people don't email back, and that's fine, there's no requirement that people keep in contact.

But here's the thing -- if you adopt an animal, or several, and I email you like years after adoption.... chances are, I'm not emailing you out of the blue.  As in, I probably have a strong inkling you did something or mistreated the pets or something, for me to dig out your email and bother you.  So, ignoring my messages on facebook, kicking me out of your facebook group, and not responding to my emails?  All of those only confirm you did something, at least in my mind.

Sent an email this morning, went something like this:

I messaged you on facebook, never got a response.  Asked for pictures in your group, now I see that I'm not only not in your group, you're no longer a facebook friend.  I don't know what's going on, but I think this is really a messed up situation.  I don't know if I said or did something, but I don't think it's offensive to ask how the animals are, when you've adopted several from me.  All you had to do was say, oh they're fine, or I even get some people who tell me, oh the one has a uri, but we're treating and hoping for the best.  Just people being honest telling me how the animals are doing.  But nothing from you, which makes me wonder if you even still have the animals?  Ignoring me just isn't making me think the best of you.  I just care about the animals and hope they're in the best of care, but with the way you're acting, it makes me think that maybe I misjudged you as an adoptive home.  

..... I have no doubt I will not receive a response.  And I admit, that's not the friendliest email, but, let me tell you what I know about this.

This person is the same one who I posted back awhile about who had 17 guinea pigs and most of them died one after the other and then she only had three left.  So she was moved to the do not adopt list, because she refused to get vet care for any of the animals.  Uh... wrong.  The adoption form states you have money and will get vet care.  But then, she goes and buys a $400 parrot.  And finds a hurt cat on the road, takes it into the vet.  But the shithead won't spend money on the animals she has.  From what I've learned since then, she sounds like a hoarder -- take in more and more and more and then gets tired of them and doesn't care for them.  With the bird, she was posting the first few days, how neat it was to have a bird.  But let's not forget, the big birds are demanding, which anyone who keeps birds knows.  Now (well, before she kicked me off as a friend), she was bitching bout how she couldn't leave the room because the bird would scream at the top of it's lungs and just whine and moan about the bird.  And lets' be honest. A big bird diet can be super expensive.  She can't care for a few guinea pigs, the cost of bird care is way out of her price range.

Anyway, the reason for the email:  I learned, through a friend of a friend, this:

Well I was told that she lost all her pigs due to sheer negligence and foolishness. Her husband complained about the smell of the cages so she moved them to the 'attic' which was described more like an unfinished upstairs, and they got too hot. She didn't realize that it would get hot and they couldn't survive heat. I guess she's on a lot of meds and they make her pretty stoned. She also recently 'rescued' a cat, she claims she found it, it was pretty sick, paralyzed in the hind end, probably should have been put down, but she was taking up collections for its care, and allegedly not really providing all the care the cat was supposed to get, because the collections weren't enough to pay for it and she's stopped posting about the cat now.

.... fucked up, ain't it?  I mean, she didn't realize that it would get hot?!?  And no doubt, the chins were moved up there as well and if the pigs died of heat, the chins went long before the pigs did.

So, I know shit went down, I would just like her to tell me on her own.  She won't, of course, but I mean, you're stupid enough to kill the pets, you should at least own up to it.  But, no doubt, this is not her fault, it's cause her husband didn't like the smell.  Well, what do you think with 17 guinea pigs, 2 chins, umpteen everything else.  Cause she also has all sorts of varieties of snakes, tarantulas, lizards, few chamelions (I think those all might have died -- wonder from lack of proper care??), and so on and so forth.  It's usually not smell-less, and ESPECIALLY not if you don't clean the cages.  Which, knowing what I know now, I bet she wasn't exactly being meticulous about keeping them clean.

So, again, I will say, do not adopt or sell your animal to anyone in the Kokomo/Russiaville area, with the first name of Stephanie.  I have several last names for her which I can tell you (privately) if you want to know (each email/facebook account/etc has a different last name) but stay away from a Stephanie with black hair and piercings in that area.  I just wouldn't be too careful cause I imagine she's still "taking in animals" even though she can't care for them.  And this is just sick.

This is why, among other reasons, we have the thing in our adoption contract that says if you can no longer care for them, bring them back.  Because that's typically the better solution than shoving them in the attic.  Not to mention, I have no doubt that she did not put "attic" as the answer to the question, where was she going to keep the pets, on her adoption forms.

People like this make me sick.  I don't have too many of these (obviously, cause if I did, I'd be posting about it), but this is someone gone off the deep end.  If they're still all up in the attic, I actually hope anything remaining does die, because no doubt she would let it suffer rather than pay the vet bill to have it put down.

I believe one of my friends is going to report her to Kokomo animal control, but I don't know how much good it will do.

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