Saturday, June 14, 2014

More and less chins.

So, I went down this morning to the rescue, and Evil 2 (also known as "homo beige female" when I had to write her name anywhere on paperwork had passed away.  I'd noticed the day before yesterday, she seemed a little off, and then yesterday she spent a long portion of the day laying down.  Which, itself, is not a sign of anything, but she seemed off.  I called into the vet, and neither vet that saw small animals was there, so they said come in tomorrow.
Well, I get up today and she was gone.  And Benji (the male she was with) was sleeping on top of her.  I went down later in the day, and he was in her cage looking for her.  :(

And then I got an email from T, my rat person, saying that Catnap had chins and wanted an experienced chin person to take them, so she gave me their email.  I emailed, and they called back saying they had someone who could potentially bring them all the way here (I normally try to arrange meeting points when animals are coming from another rescue, as the rescues that we typically get critters from are several hours away.  I was cutting the grass, so by the time I got back inside and listened to the message, Catnap was closed, but I let it ring and ring and ring so that I could leave a message, and mid-message someone picked up. 

So, the chins were dropped off here.  Two females and a male.  Likely mom and babies, as there was apparently an adult male chin as well, which died.  The two babies were thought to be females, but nope, one's a male.  So they're now all separated and housed here.

And I just wanted to share with you the perfect example of what an un-educated owner uses as a chin cage.  Before anyone goes off, saying how I use the runs for the breeder chins, keep in mind that is one chin per run.  They had four chins in this cage:

^ it is next to my carrier for size reference.  For FOUR chins.  And notice that ramp.  Chinchillas can jump to that shelf, no problem, but the angle that ramp is, those chins are never walking up the ramp.  Notice anything else?  No?  That's cause there isn't anything else.  I take it back, there is a food bowl that sort of blends in with the carefresh, but there's not a single chew toy in sight.  One little shelf.  Nothing to stimulate them..... well, it'll be better here....

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