Friday, November 21, 2014

The usual

The usual has been going on.

Did have one person pick up a chin for a trial run.  That's good.  Always a plus.

Another couple came and bought a chin and a cage.  Very happy bout that.

Another called cause someone they know is in the state and they wanted to pick up a chin before they left.  Long story short, they say they're going to get the chins, supposed to be sending me a deposit (fingers crossed!), but now they're gonna pick em up in December.

But other than that, called one person back.  A guy left the message, a woman answered.  I said I got a call asking about chinchillas.  She said, "yeah we called awhile back."  Awhile back as in... yesterday?  I wasn't aware time passes so quickly.

Another one, got an email about a chin asking if he was still available.  Well, the chin was a she, so I let them know (just in case they thought it was a he) and they said, oh, it doesn't matter.  They found one closer to home.

Got a call from a previous home, asking about whether an ingredient in food was ok.  Always good to ask just to check.  :)

Got an email asking for more pics of a certain chin.  Not sure which ones they saw, so I sent them the 5 that I have.  It's a grey chin, so she looks the same from about all angles, but...

Had one person a few days ago who wanted me to ship a chinchilla a few states away.  No can do, sorry.  

Had a person message on facebook asking for a male chin.  At some point, they said they had a chin, so I asked, is it a male?  They said something along the lines of, oh they have a big cage and a second cage.  Was that what I asked?  I don't think so.  I told them what males I had and asked again, is their chin male or female.  Oh, it's a female, but they want a male.  Of course they do.  They went on to say they tried putting their chin with a family members chin and they got along.  Great, that doesn't mean that just cause those two got along that any chin they put with it will get along.  And of course, by saying that, that tends to imply that they do want to put them together.  But, I should know better than to assume (but still to not be stupid) and I asked them, do they intend to put them together.  So, surprise surprise, she says yes, they'd like to put them together.  Well, knowing that right there, she's not adopting a male. 

So I told her, since she has a female, she couldn't adopt a male, and asked, why a male.  Oh, they had a male before and let them play together but had them in separate cages.  *face palm*  Yes, because playing together would never give them the opportunity to breed *dripping sarcasm* (in case ya couldn't tell).  So I told her that -- it literally takes a second for them to breed, so playing together is just as bad... and if she doesn't want babies, there's pretty much no reason for her to get a male. 

So, she ends up saying, well, a female would be fine too, she just wants a buddy for her chin.  Did we really have to take the long way around to get to this?  Anyway, long story short, I didn't have any females in the age range shes wanted, but I did have one a little older, a mosaic (the color she originally wanted), so I showed her the pic, and she asked how we'd go about adopting.  So I emailed her the stuff.  Now, we are waiting....

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