Monday, October 19, 2015

Current Stuff

So, we have a sale going on.  You may have noticed.  So as usual, multiple chins are on hold.  Since my computer's still in the shop, the website's not up to date, which is not helping anything.

And people wanting to look at multiple chins when they come by, which is fine, but holding multiple chins, not so much.  You want to look at all the available females when you come by?  Great, I will gladly show you them all.  You want me to hold them all until a week from now so you can see them all?  Uh... no.  Sorry, but no.  Our holds (without deposit) are for 7 days, for ONE chinchilla.  You may still get here, and decide you don't want to adopt that one chinchilla.  You may pick another one.  You may decide you don't like any, and go home without one.  But I won't hold 5 and prevent 5 from being adopted for a week, and then you come here and go home with one.  Sorry, no can do.

Moving along, if we don't have an appointment set up yet, and my schedule changes, I apologize... but it happens.  Had someone email me the other day, asking about a certain day, and I told them, yep, have that day open.  So they said, oh they'll email closer to that day.  That's fine.  In the meantime, my schedule changed and I won't be here that day.  Well, if I'd had a scheduled appointment, I might have been more concerned about the schedule change... but if I had a penny for every person who said they'll "email me later" and never did, I'd be rich.  So I don't bank on it.  So with no appointment, wasn't concerned about the schedule change, and now I won't be around for them to come that day.

Which brings me to my next thing.  I have had people email and ask, well can someone else help them (on a day I'm not available).  That's actually kind of funny.  Who else?  I can't get people to help me out at a one-day expo, much less someone else come by and help out with adoptions and questions and stuff that actually requires some knowledge (and knowledge of all the chins and products here and all).  In case it's not clear (which, maybe it's not)... everything that's done.. is me.  I update the website.  I post the chins.  I make the houses.  I clean the cages (with help).  I answer the emails.  I fill the orders.  I mail the orders.  I feed and water the critters.  I handle the adoptions.  I handle supply sales.  I book all the expos.  I find (usually less than successfully) help for the expos.  Not saying any of this is rocket science difficult.... but it's all me.  So, no, there's no one else to help someone with an adoption, or really, with anything.  Just me.

Which can be kind of funny on phone calls too.  Cause people tell me they spoke with someone about adopting.  Always me.  The best part is when we're talking about food, or treats, or something, and basically we're disagreeing.  Like they'll say "oh I give a box of raisins everyday," and I'll tell them, "that's not good, you'll want to stop that, because..." and then their next statement is, "well I called your rescue last week and spoke with someone and they said the raisins were fine!"  Um.... I know *I* didn't say that, and I'm the only one here, so unless they called the wrong rescue... that didn't happen.  Which, I suppose for that, is kind of convenient that I'm the only one here, because I know what I said or didn't say.

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