Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oak Lawn Expo Day #1

So today went well.  Didn't have much in terms of sales at the expo, a hammock and some treats, but we did talk to a lot of great people, some of who seemed interested in adopting, so fingers crossed for that...

As usual, Summer garnered a lot of attention, and she got a lot of pets for her efforts.

We did our presentation on chinchillas -- well, I presented, Tom (of West Burb Weiners) held Hercules while I presented, and we actually had quite a few people sitting around and listening to me talk about chinchillas and how they knew if that was the right pet for them...

We also had two chin adoptions today at the expo -- everything done in advance except, of course, picking up the chins.  So, those went well, and Max and Fritz, and a young violet male both went home.  Yay for them in their new homes.  So since Max and Fritz's cage is now open, I went to email people on my waiting list to bring in their chins.  First person for me to email was someone who had gotten two chins from me, and who had emailed saying they were more work than they had originally thought.  So I emailed them saying I had room for the chins, and almost immediately got an email back saying, oh they decided to keep them.  Alright, then, moving along.

So I emailed the next person on my list, and so now we're currently working on arranging when they can bring their chins by.

So then, wanted to give a shoutout to Tim P., who was our volunteer at the expo today.  Thanks to Tim for coming by and helping us out!  

And then on Sunday, we had Kristy come out and help us at the expo, thanks Kristy!  

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