Sunday, May 29, 2016


I know it can be hard for some people to keep appointments.  I've even, on occasion, had to contact people and say, hey, I can't make the appointment that we have scheduled, we need to reschedule.  But if that happens, I do my best to give as much notice as possible, so that no one is too badly inconvenienced.  But I'm honestly starting to think no one else has any common courtesy anymore.

Let's talk about the other day.  I had someone scheduled to show up, 11:30-12.  Had another person scheduled to show up, 1-2 pm.  I figured, between the two, I could run to the store real quick to get something.  I should apparently know better.

So at 10:15, the person who was supposed to come at 1-2 pm calls me up and asks how to get to my house from the Walmart in Gary off of 94.  I have no idea.  Honestly, no idea.  I ask them, do they have a gps?  Could they input the address?  No, they don't, so they can't.  These people were coming from at least 5 hours away (what they told me), so I guess they thought they were going to wing it, until they got close.  So they said, ok, they'd call me when they got to Hammond.  So I said ok.  Then they ask, "well, what city do you live in?"  "Hammond."  "No, but what city?"  "Yeah, Hammond."  "No, but is that like Chicago Heights?"  "No, it's Hammond."  I explained, Hammond is it's own city.  Like really, it's not a neighborhood or something, it's a city.  So they say they'll call when they get to Hammond.  Oh and I do tell them though, if they do get here soon, that they will have to wait, since they were scheduled for 1-2 pm and it was considerably earlier, and I had other appointments.  That was at 10:15.

At 11:46 they call back... they took a wrong turn, they're in Chicago.  They want to know what time it was here, so I told them.  They said ok, they would be by soon.

So then time passes, and shortly after noon, my 11:30-12 person texts and says there's more traffic than they thought, they're going to show up around 12:30.  Which they did end up showing up around then, and I do appreciate them letting me know that they were running late and were kind enough to tell me.  So they were  a dropoff, so they come by, drop off their chin to the rescue, and leave... and it was then 12:51... and the other people were still not here.

So I got a call at 12:57 from those people, telling me they can't make it... that it's too far from where they live..  I looked up the area code on their phone... from where the live, they actually went about an hour PAST where I live if they went into the area of Chicago they said they were at... but without a GPS, not sure how they ever expected to find it (cause they also didn't mapquest it or anything).

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