Friday, December 2, 2016

Cost of Items and Adoption Fees

I've had a lot of people lately who have either missed sales, or wanted discounts, or whatever.  Let me share about a few of them for you.

One person saw my sale ad and asked about a chin.  I told them the price, said it was only going to be on sale for another few days (to make them aware, so they potentially had time to come adopt), and told them, after the sale, the chin would be regular price, and said what that price was.

So, naturally, sale ends, and they come to adopt and ask me if they can have it for a lesser price.  I said, sorry, no.  They did adopt for the regular price.

Now, before you say, what a bitch!  Think about this.  If the sale at Meijer ends Saturday, and you go there Sunday... is anything you say going to make that sale apply to you?  No.  It won't.

Even aside from sales themselves, I'm noticing a trend lately where people want to basically name their own price.  Apparently there should be Priceline for Chinchillas or something like that.  Anyway, people will literally text me and say, I know that chin is at this price, but would you take this?  Ok, here's the thing.  No one's asking me if I'll take less when they buy 3 chins, or when they buy a senior, or a chin with special needs.  These inquiries are all for tiny little babies that are just able to go home, that would have no problem finding homes.  Even better is when they want something specific -- hey, I should let them know when I have a curly female available, just weaned so they can get it as young as possible, oh and they'd like it for $150.  Thanks.  Um... no?

I do have the multi-chin discount, and if you don't know what that is, that's where if you buy a second chin, you get $25 off the total, and $25 off for every additional chin.  So, get three chins, $50 off the total, four chins $75 off the total, and so on.  And yes, people really have gotten four chins before.  The sales tend to be better deals than this, but that's the point, that's why they're sales.  This is just a minor incentive for people to get their chin a buddy.

Short of the multi-chin discount, if there's not a sale, the adoption fee is the adoption fee.  Again, not trying to be a mean crab, but... go to the Humane Society.  Go to any rescue out there.  Their stated fee is the stated fee.  If you don't like it, do you argue with it?  Well, maybe some of you do, since you ask me about the lower fees.  There's a breed-specific rescue out there that charges $400 for their adult dogs.  I would consider adopting one of them... but not for $400.... so I move along.  Key words there.  If people are unhappy about the prices, I tell them, feel free to wait for a sale (though the specific chin may not be here, there are others)...but honestly, you usually get less with a pet store animal, no support for the life of the animal, and then you all call me up when that pet store animal is sick anyway (and of course, I'm happy to help). 

The point is... it's incredibly frustrating when (I would like to think) people wouldn't ask a store to get the sale price the day after the sale, or ask for a discount for no reason ("hey, I know the baloney is $3 a pound, but can I have it for $2 a pound?  Just because").  Because they won't change the price for you.  And I know I've said it before, and I will say it again -- this is not a garage sale.   

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