Friday, September 29, 2017

Why Go To An Expo?

So, I thought I'd write about why you should go to an expo. 

Obviously, because I'm there, with my booth. 

But why else?  Well, there's all sorts of stuff to see, things to do, freebies... and more! 

There's vendors selling all sorts of dog treats and toys.  At the one dog bakery, this time they had a "loss of pet" t-shirt, so we had to buy one in memory of Taffy.  You can see it --> here

There's places selling all sorts of dog stuff!  There were booths with dog toys, dog clothes, dog bandanas, leashes, collars, dog bows... a little bit of everything!  The one booth had basically a little bit of everything.  I went around on the second day of the event, and got these three dog scarves and the pack of three mini tennis balls, for (guess how much this cost)...

...$2.50!  Who-hoo!  Everything was half-off for the second day.  This is sort of an extreme example, but things are good priced, regardless.

We also got some doggie beer (sort of like a sauce you can use with their wet food) and a few munchies for the poochies.

There's also all sorts of educational seminars.  At many (most) of these events, we present on chinchillas and their care.  Often, Jim Nesci presents on his reptiles, other groups present on their exotics.  At this latest event, there was a presentation on grooming animals, one on service animals and how they help their humans, one on training dogs... and so on!  If you show up at the Kane County Expo, there is usually Weiner Dog Races!  All sorts of fun stuff to see!

There's all sorts of adoptable animals.  Everything from dogs and cats, to guinea pigs and chinchillas, and I bet that if you ask these organizations, they have even more back at the rescue!  Right now, we have probably 20+ chinchillas, plus at least 6 guinea pigs (plus some new babies in!), a rabbit, and something like 17 crested geckos available... and probably a few more I'm forgetting.  Come adopt whatever tugs at your heartstrings!

And.... let's not forget the freebies!

Often booths give some good free stuff... from VCA, we got a cute little tote bag, frisbee, leash, cat toy (mouse on a stick), squeaky Kong tennis ball, foldable water pouch, and flea comb.

Plus the free samples.  I got a few free baggies of dog bisquits, but there's also dog food companies out there that are promoting their product, and will give you dog food (or cat food, if that's your thing) to try.  Nutrisource was at this one, as was Anamaet (sp?), as was a smaller independent company with a higher protein dog food.

And if you want human items, those are present as well!  You can buy all sorts of things.  At this last event, I purchased some magnesium-infused hand cream, and some odor eliminator sprays.  Some booths also have human items like dog-breed-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers, dog mugs, and more! 

You never know what you'll find at these events, so come out and check them out!  Kane County is November 11th & 12th at the Kane County Fairgrounds, and we want to see you there!

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