Wednesday, February 7, 2018


I put the word "unique" in quotes, because I feel like it's one of those words that depends on the person.  Sort of like "pretty," or "ugly."  I think something is pretty.  Does that mean you will too?  Well, you might... or you might not.  It depends on the person, we all interpret it differently.

My favorite word as of late is the word "unique."  People will contact me and say they are looking for something unique. 

So I ask, what is unique to them?  Because, when I used to only have grey chins way back when, I thought a beige was unique.  A white?  OMG!  Unique.  A curly?  Holy hell unique!!  But to some people, the only thing unique would be a heavily marked mosaic or pink white or whatever.  So I ask, do they mean unique markings, or an unusual color (which is also open to interpretation) or what?

A lot of people say both, or then start naming colors.  So, for the "unique" people, I sent someone yesterday pics of goldbars, and a curly chinchilla. 

Today, I had someone ask about unique chins, and later explained they liked beiges, whites, and pink whites.  I apparently will go get pics of those later. 

The point is, something like the word "unique" is different to everyone... there's no "right" answer, which is why I ask what they mean.  I've had a few people where, when I ask them to explain, seem to get huffy, and go "well, a unique chin."  Well... what's unique to me may not be unique to you, and what I consider unique may be out of your price range, or even, what I consider your average chin may be unique to you.  I'm just wanting to understand better, so I can avoid taking pictures of 15 chins, only for someone to tell me that none of them are "unique."  So, that's why I ask, is there a certain color, or markings, or price range, that they consider unique.  That is all.

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