Friday, November 6, 2020

Shameless Plug for the Boyfriend's Creations

Now, I know some of you have caught on that I finally snagged a boyfriend.  He's cool, if you come by my place you may meet him someday...

When I first met him, he mentioned he really doesn't like critters... but that said... he now has started making squirrel / wildlife feeders, and you gotta admit, these are ADORABLE.

Feasting in the Forest

Patio Zen

Picnic in the Park

Mike (the boyfriend) has his own Etsy shop, Custom Critter Feeders, where you can purchase these and get them shipped to you, or alternatively, they can be picked up in Portage, Indiana.  They are available for $15-20 natural, or $25-30 stained / painted.  Normally, you just get the feeding station itself, no corn, and no squirrel included (sorry, I know you wanted the squirrel, heaven knows I do...)... BUT if you mention that you saw the squirrel feeders here (on this blog), we will throw in a free ear of squirrel corn for you (must mention Free Corn Through the Blog Posting).

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Items Back in Stock

 So, if you've been following along, you've seen in the one recent post where I talked about making more items available again.  I may have mentioned this one part already, but our muncher's delight toy is back available, as are our fleece tubes...

...but even better since then, is that our fleece tubes are available on both Etsy and on our website.

Also now available are some fleece tube covers, as well as fleece hanging houses.  Are you excited???  Cause I'm excited!!

Fleece hanging houses --> here

Fleece tubes and fleece tube covers --> here

I also bought a hole saw kit.  In case you missed it (and you all may have, as I'm not sure whether or not I posted it), I brought my drill press back to NWI back a couple months ago.  Well, it's at the house, and I finally ordered a chuck for it, so that I can change what's attached to the drill press.  Currently attached is the 4.25" hole saw, which cuts the large holes for the houses as well as the holes in the hammock shelves and whatnot.  But the NEW news, is that I bought a hole saw kit, with multiple sizes in it, so I can again begin to cut the houses, tunnels, and more fun stuff like that.  I haven't done anything with it yet, haven't yet opened it even, but I have it, so one of these days.

Also hopefully soon coming back are... goodie bags!

One thing that will take a bit longer is chinchilla dust.  You see, the only place I can obtain that is from in Ohio, and until I take a trip there, it's not worth it for me to just go and get dust.  Sorry... but really not sorry.  It just is what is is right now.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Guinea Pig Update!

 So, let's talk guinea pigs.

The one female guinea pig that we had available -- Valerie -- was adopted on Friday.  She went to a great home where she lives in the little boy's room (well, he's not so little) with three new guinea pig sisters.  

Here is Valerie:

And here she is with her new guinea pig family:

So, Valerie is happy in her new home.  However... we have other guinea pigs available!  So if you're looking, don't go too far!

We also have Rocky & Reno!  These are a father / son pair of guinea pigs.  They are American / Abyssinian / Teddy mixes and are very sweet!  Dad is about a year old, son was born June.

And we have Williard!  Williard was born 7/30 and is also looking for a new home!

If you'd like to adopt any of these cuties, go to our website, read the care packet and fill out the adoption form!  Here -->

Friday, October 30, 2020

What's Going On Now -- October 30, 2020

 So, I know it's been forever since I've written anything, my bad, I know.  To be honest, while I can tell you about what has gone on with my life, not a ton has changed on the NWI Chins front.

The last time I wrote was at the beginning of September, and many things have changed since then.  To start with, if you've followed along on facebook, you saw that I did close on my Hammond house, and moved to Chesterton.  

Chesterton has been great.  The neighbors that I have met (well, the one neighbor that I have met, 40000 times, you know who you are!) have been nice and friendly.  Two houses down, the people have free range chickens which occasionally make it onto my next door neighbor's yard, so I get to oggle the cute chickens and say, "oooh look at the chickens!!!"(something I DEFINITELY could not have done in Hammond).  This has spurred fun conversations about putting trails of chicken scratch into my yard so they come closer this way, so I can oggle from less of a distance.  The neighors behind me aren't assholes about the dogs -- in fact, they have their own crew of three dogs -- looks like a shepherd, a lab, and a something -- who also bark all the time.  Nothing I've left outside has walked out of my yard as of yet.

It's just good all around.

The reason I haven't written much is, there's not much going on with the rescue front (and I'm sure most of you aren't all that interested in my personal life).  The property has a pole barn, which I believe I mentioned earlier... which needs plumbing, cement, HVAC, and electrical work done before I can bring the chins (or any animals) back into the place.  I've had the place about a month now, and as of yet, nothing has been started yet.  Apparently it's the end of season, and every place is busy... go figure.

Minor things are still happening though, just not on the scale they were before.  We did adopt out some young guinea pigs this month / last month, and today I get to meet another potential adopter at 10:30 (at the foster home) to see if she is interested in the last of the ones from those litters.  We also have a father / son pair of guinea pigs that are available (but have never been listed, in case you're like... "but I've never seen them anywhere!").  I believe we have found a home for them as well, and the person interested in those cuties will be coming by (to the foster home) next Friday to see them.  In the meantime, she will get ready.

My current worker, Alex, convinced me that he needed to foster some guinea pigs that I was going to add to my waiting list, so I agreed to let them come in, provided they would only be at my place for dropoff.  You see, other than my dogs and a lone hamster and non-furry friends, there will not be chinchillas / guinea pigs in this house.  Anyway, I spoke with the person wanting to drop off the guinea pigs... these were guinea pigs adopted from NWI back in March-ish...and asked they bring a cage.  Now, if you've read this blog for any length of time, you know that I normally still have a cage ready, just in case that doesn't work out, but right now, well... I don't.  So, you know they brought the wire for a cage, but not the base... so last night was a bit of a scramble (but I hear it is taken care of).  I do have someone else who was interested in some young guinea pigs, so I will give these guys a little bit to settle into their foster home, and will reach out to that person.  If, for some reason, she is no longer interested, they will be posted for adoption when the time comes.

In the meantime though, with very few animals (and almost none except my dogs and a hamster in my direct care) to worry about, we have been working on unpacking and re-stocking!  It's almost funny, because I have about everything I need unpacked to live in the house... and I am in the mode of, "how much do I really need the rest of this crap?"  So my to-be-garage-saled pile is growing.  Not a bad thing -- decluttering is a good, real thing!

With the barn currently unfinished, all of the power tools (aka mess-makers) such as the two miter saws, drill press, sanders, etc... are all out there.  The band saw will make it's way out, once we get the new blade put on.  Originally, these were all going to be in the house, and we were going to build a shop in the basement, like a dry-walled room... but upon further thought, the "wood shop" -- strictly for cutting and such -- will be out in the barn, and the "workshop" will be in the house.  I've taken all of my shelving units, which used to be in the basement of the Hammond house, and they have all been set up in the Chesterton basement, on the workshop side, to hold boxes, supplies, and so on.  Also went to Menards and grabbed 6 more shelving units, so I have places to put my own household storage, like holiday decorations and whatnot.  So, that's coming along.

We've taken a few trips to storage, and probably have at least 1/2 of everything in there, back at the house.  We would have more, but without the barn done, there's nowhere to put the chinchilla stuff, so my shed is getting filled with some of that (that somehow inadvertently keeps making its way back to the house), but the large pieces will stay in storage til the end.  Plus, of course, the entire semi-trailer full of chin-stuff and cages is still at Jims.  But about half of both storage units has been moved, and a decent amount (maybe 1/2 of what's been moved) has been unpacked.  Coming right along!

In moving things and doing orders, we've had requests for more things, so for example, someone asked about the muncher's delight toys.  Well, now that I had a place to put a bag of hay cubes again (if you missed it, the last bag got wet the last time the Hammond basement flooded, so that was trash), so we went to the feed store and bought two bags of hay cubes, and made more of these toys!  They are now available on the website.  Also, we've put together all the fleece tubes that I currently can, and those are listed on etsy.  Those will also be listed on the website ( as soon as I am able, and we are going to get our toys back up on Etsy, as soon as I can get a group picture, so I can do one listing which will include all of them... rather than individual listings, which honestly hasn't worked out so well.

And, as more time goes by, and we find more of the supplies that we need for different things, keep an eye out for out herb jars to come back, more of the out-of-stock toys to come back, fleece hanging houses to come back, and so forth!

Well, I just heard from the boyfriend that plumbing needs to come out to the house today, so he's going to head over there, as I need to be on my way to Munster, to care for some guinea pigs with Brad, and meet my potential adopter.  

Hope you all have enjoyed the update -- hopefully will have more to update soon! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

What Happened with Animal Control?

 Someone pointed out to me that I never shared what all happened with animal control... at the time, there was a reason for that (and since then, well, I guess I forgot).

My court date was scheduled for August 20th, which was a Thursday.   I called animal control (AC) the Friday prior to that, knowing that Sue (my favorite ACO ever) would be out of the office and would call me back Monday.  Which she did, and scheduled her visit to come out to my house Tuesday.  This visit was so that she could verify that all the animals were, in fact, gone, and that I was no longer running a business out of the house.

What helped tremendously was that that Monday was the day that the house was scheduled to have pictures taken for it's listing.  So, myself, Nikki, and Mike killed it on Sunday patching, painting, cleaning, staging, and organizing everything.  Monday, myself and Brad washed all the floors and walls and removed the last couple of things prior to pictures being taken.

...and then Tuesday, Sue showed up.  I already had the McColly "for sale" sign in the yard, and actually, at that point, already had an offer on the house (without it even being listed yet).  So Sue and another ACO came over, verified that I have no animals (I currently have a hamster and Kailey) and said yep, looks like the business is gone.  

At that point, I had also already put in an offer on a house.  If I remember right, the inspection was scheduled, but not yet completed, and I wasn't ready to share with the world that there even WAS a potential house, before I knew that it would stand up to inspection.  But, Sue asked if I knew where I was moving, and I shared the info that I had put in an offer on a house and it had been accepted.  I talked to Sue some more and she said to try to get to court early so maybe we could get this settled without having to go into the courtroom.  Check, would do.

The next day, Wednesday, myself and Brad are at my house, weeding and doing outside clean-up, in preparation for the showings later that day, when I get a call from animal control.  Sue's calling to tell me that if I give them the address of where I am moving to, that will verify that I'm moving out of the area, and the prosecuting attorney will agree to drop the case.  Address given, all that gone and done with.

...which, as someone has since brought up, proves that they really didn't care that much about a monetary fine or anything like that, but what they really cared about was just getting rid of me.  How nice.

... that said, I'm not complaining about there not being a fine.  So anyway, that's what happened with AC.

Monday, September 7, 2020

Where's the New House?

So... since my last post, I've been inundated with emails / phone calls / texts of people asking, where is the new house?  What does it look like??  Is it on land???  Is there a barn???  Is it unincorporated?????

Well... I'm good at jinxing things.  That's why most of this info has not yet been shared, and will not be shared until after closing.  Which is still a ways away.  Patience is a virtue.  Not one that I have, mind you, but I recommend trying it out 😁😆😂

What I will tell you is this....  the new place is still technically in northwest Indiana (at least, I consider it to be).  It is less than 3 miles off two major roads / highways, so it is easy access for all of the out-of-towners.  AND it unincorporated.  YAYYYYYYY!!!

It does need some work to be done, both minor things inside the house, and more importantly, in the barn.  Yes, there is a barn.  

...and that is all I will say.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Newest Update for You All

Since you've all been waiting patiently, I thought I would share with you all that we are moving forward with moving.

We have found a house, made an offer, and had that offer accepted...


we have listed the Hammond house, had multiple offers, and accepted one of those offers.

...and now we wait.

After these offers were accepted, next thing was the home inspections.  One was done on both the house I am purchasing and the house I own.  My realtor and I provided the homeowners with a list of things that we wanted repaired, and I was provided with a list of things that the to-be-Hammond-homeowners wanted repaired in my Hammond house.

Most things for the Hammond house are minor --

(1) the plug in the garage should be changed over to a GCFI plug -- Mike (boyfriend) will do this

(2) the garage door will be repaired (it was off it's track at the time of inspection) -- a garage door company has already come and repaired this

(3) low water pressure issues throughout the house would be evaluated by a licensed plumber and repaired -- as I write this, the plumbers are cleaning up after having been here for about 7 hours, re-plumbing the entire damn house with copper lines

(4) gutters need cleaned -- Brad (worker) will do this, as soon as I borrow a ladder 

(5) furnace will be cleaned / have a maintenance check -- furnace company came and did this last week

Other than the plumbing job which is costing a small fortune, the other repairs aren't a big deal.  I asked for a bit more major stuff for the home I am buying, such as repairing / replacing a (possibly non-working) furnace (there are two furnaces and two AC's for the house, due to there being an addition), having an electrician come out and fix all the non-grounded outlets in the home (which was most of them), and having the well shocked to eliminate the bacteria.  Thankfully, the person who owns that home has agreed to make all the necessary repairs.  Yay.

So, at this point... we wait.  I am working on the repairs on my end -- the garage door was done last week, the furnace was done a few days later, the plumber was here the same day as the furnace guy to get an estimate... and today they were here working on the plumbing.  When the plumbing is wrapped up, all that will be left to do here in Hammond (as far as repairs) will be the GCFI outlet and cleaning the gutters.

Well... sort of.  Let's note, the plumbers were here due to low flow issues on two pipes.  One pipe, yes, did have low flow issues.  The other area... they said the faucet is bad, and that's why there's low flow.  Maybe I can get Mike to throw a new faucet on that sink for me.

I would also like to accomplish some minor yard work, cleaning up the backyard, and of course, I still need to remove everything from the house.  There's not a LOT here, but there's stuff that I can't be without until the very end... so that stuff will wait, and in the meantime, Brad and I are still churning out orders, and making runs to the storage unit, to stash stuff away.

I have (at least temporarily) removed my drill press from Ohio to a friend's shed in Portage, so I can still make those (clearly) beloved hammock shelves that I can't seem to keep in stock, and I'm looking to get a chop saw in the near future, which will probably also be in Portage until I'm able to get into the new place.  My friend Colette, who helps sew hammocks / tube covers / hanging houses / etc... she just shipped me a box of hammocks along with some tube overs and hanging houses... those will be listed soon, as soon as I grab some tubes out of storage, to put the covers on.  So... until closing, business is more or less as usual here.  It's awfully quiet, without all the people coming and going, and it's weird seeing the house so empty... but good things are on the way.