Monday, January 27, 2014

Today, cont.

So, those people came by and decided on the homo beige male to take home.  So happy for him that he found a home -- sometimes those red eyes can be off-putting.

So, other than that, let's see... I organized a bit (it never ends, believe me), and refilled all the hanging toys in all the cages.  And then decided, today would be a good day to go through and take down all the toys with the metal chain.  See, that's fine for the huge toys that need it or the swings... but for the average toy, the chain means I have to drill a bigger hole to get the piece to fit on the chain... and some items are just too small.  So, it doesn't work out all that well.  So, I pulled out all of the chain toys, replaced those with the wire toys, and now there's only a few chain toys (that have to be chain due to how they're constructed).  Will probably keep some of the thinner chains, the rest will make it up into the gently used section.  Some people like them.  I used to be one of them, but the more time goes on, I'm not as fond of em. 

Moving along, the person who I've been talking about Carlos with asked me if I wanted her address or the center's address (Carlos would be sort of like a class pet) on the adoption form, which means she's actually looked at the form... fingers crossed!  There hasn't been much attention on Carlos getting adopted, so I hope this works out for him. 

No one asking about Gigi.  The female beige has one of my current adoptive homes considering her.  Said they'll get back to me by the weekend. 

And good news.... the ebony female with unexplained weight loss that my vet couldn't figure out.... well, the weight loss slowed somewhat with her last weigh in (the next one is upcoming).  And get this... today I saw her... on the shelves!!!!  She had been staying at the bottom previously, so this is a big move for her!  Maybe she's finally starting to feel better.  She definitely seems to be eating.  So fingers crossed for her as well.  :D 

Few more things

Ok, so, I dunno what I was smoking yesterday, but I completely forgot that I did several other things I didn't write about.  I cleaned all the rat cages and I went through all the rescue cages and hung up donated toys and re-filled current existing toys.

Moving on to today.  Had someone call about a chin, originally asking about the female baby... but I'm waiting to hear back from someone else about her, so I told em I have two males available.  So after some talking, that was fine with them.  I emailed them the adoption form and care packet, they read it and emailed it back.  Looked good with just one minor thing I wanted to touch on, and I was gonna email and ask when she wanted to come (she'd already said tonight, but hadn't specified).

So I looked in my planner and found that I had someone supposed to come look at the ratties tonight.  When I haven't heard from someone in a bit, I usually will check that they're still coming, so I texted (since the whole conversation was texting) and asked if she was still coming by the rescue tonight.  I received, "Who is this?"  Always a bad sign.  She'd forgotten she was coming, but even if she hadn't, her truck was now out of commission, so she's not coming.  I told her to text when the truck's fixed if she still wants to come by, but... I can pretty much tell you, the people who forget they have appointments, I never hear from again.

Hopefully I get an email back from the people interested in the young chin and they actually do come by tonight.

Had some people the other day who called about a cage.  I wasn't home and asked if they wanted me to call when I got home.  I told them it'd be a few hours.  They said ok, yeah, call.  So I did when I got home... they'd already found another cage.  Which is fine, I mean, no big deal... but what did they think a couple of hours meant?  No offense to anyone, but I am not going to rush home to sell a $20 cage.  Heck, I don't really feel like I should even have to rush home even if someone wants a chin and $500 worth of supplies... I feel like if they can't wait, it's probably an impulse buy and I don't need to deal with that.

Had a few more people email asking to buy Molly, Shimmy, and other chins on my "Our Chinchillas" page, so I added a line at the top stating that these are our personal chins and are not for sale.  Occasionally, that's not true, as I believe Dreamz was still listed up on the Our Chins page while she was up for adoption, but it's not awfully common that we sell our adult breeders, so for the most part, that line is true.

...and the person emailed back about coming tonight, so we just need to get a time set, and we'll be good.  They're getting a cage, and I really need to (in the new place, whenever I get it) take the advice that people have given, which is:  for both new cages I sell, have a set of shelves ready to go.  So when someone wants a cage with shelves, I don't have to hurry up and cut em, I will have them already ready.  I think that's a good idea, but that'll be something for the new place as there's already crap everywhere because of lack of organization here.  That will change when I have one smaller room to use for all of this!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working on getting things accomplished

So, less has been getting done than I might want, but things are still moving along.

Due to weather, the adoption of Peanut and Chile has been moved back again.  Fingers crossed next weekend is better.

My to-be volunteers had to cancel.

But.... good news otherwise!  My volunteer who was doing hammocks showed up today with 32 hammocks!!!  Who-hoo!  I took hammock inventory again, adding those into what I already had, and listing them on the webstore and the fleece items for sale page.   Added that to the donations page.  Sent her home with more material so she can sew even more hammocks, which she's happy to do.

Fed and watered everyone, cleaned up a bit... and unfortunately, that's where the productivity ended.  Had to go shovel and then was too cold to do anything else. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Few things & an adoption

So, I listed most of the available animals and its amazing the response I've gotten.  Within a day of listing Gigi and Dreamz, those two went on hold and Carlos is now on hold as well.  Who-hoo!!  Dreamz actually went home today with an awesome family.  I'm sure they'll be happy with her and they seemed like a great place for a retired chin. 

Someone on facebook had mentioned they liked our cutout hidey house, which is one of the worst sellers.  I have thought about taking it off the site, except a few people buy it, and its not hurting anything to keep it on.  But just to see how badly it really sells...

In 2011, I sold 23 houses, 0 cutouts. 
In 2012, I sold 63 houses, only 5 cutouts. 
In 2013, I sold 82 houses, only 2 cutouts.

Just interesting facts.  Obviously, hidey house production and sakes has significantly jumped up in the past few years, and that's why some people always hear me talking about hidey houses... cause I'm constantly making one or another.  I currently am working on a custom order for two custom houses as we speak.

Oh and water.  That's something someone brought up the other day, that I always am complaining about carrying water down to the critters, and how much can they really drink.  Oh hell they drink.  Ok today, just as an example.  Most of the critters had their water bottles at least half full, there were a few close to empty, and one empty guinea pig bottle (out of the two on that cage).  It took just shy of 4 gallons to fill up the bottles.  Not from being empty, mind you, from being about half full on most of them.  It takes a lot of water to keep the critters hydrated.  This is why it's so important, for me, to have in my new home running water in the basement.  Cause bringing four gallons down happens at least twice a week.  And not like that's the end of the world, but it takes time. 

Someone else got through the closed webstore and purchased a hammock lol.  I'm not gonna throw a fit about small orders when the store's closed, what I try to avoid is a ton of orders where I need to actually make things.  Cause even after being closed for this long period of time, I am still working on orders I got in BEFORE the store closed.  That's how behind I get, because between work and the rescue and all.... a lot of things have to come before filling orders,

I think that's about it for news here.  Still need to list the rats.  And still have things on the to-do list before the store opens back up.  But finally becoming up to speed with orders at least....

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New intakes and other things

So, I finally got in some of the rescues that kept getting pushed back due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.  A mother and daughter pair, aptly named, Mama and Baby.  They're 4 and 5, and sweet.

Also some interesting things lately.  Got an email asking me to sell Toby and wanting me to hurry up and email back so they could adopt him.  Um... he's my chin, not for sale.  Likely they were looking at the wrong page, but that might be the first time anyone's asked to adopt one of my personal chins.

Also had someone want a cage delivered... two hours away.  Um... pretty sure it says I will deliver within 10 miles (or something close like that) for $5.  Not two hours away.  I said no.  Not for $15 or $23 (the cages they were debating over).  Then they'd asked if I'd mail it.  It actually says, on all used cage ads, that these cages cannot be shipped, pickup or delivery only.  No naturally, they ask if I can ship it.  Anyway, then they ask, can I ship it COD (cash on delivery).  Oh hell no.  I don't have a good grasp on how that works in reality, but what I do understand about it, is they don't pay for it til they get it.  Which means the cage would leave my house, with me paying for shipping, without me receiving anything for it.  No thank you.

Let's see, what else.  Oh, I have another hetero beige male that's going to be put up for sale.  Dreamz will also be for sale, to a pet home.  Need to list my trio of rats as well.

Awhile back, I bought a huge pack (at least 100-200) of vine hearts.  They have sat here ever since.  I don't know if I thought they were going to be part of a toy or what, but I haven't done anything with em.  So, yesterday, I dyed two racks of em a dark pink.  Dunno if I'm gonna make a limited edition toy or just hand em out around valentine's day, but I need to get em out of my toy parts box.  I'm trying to clear out things I don't need so when I move (eventually), I won't be moving excessive amounts.  Also went through that box, and found I had a bag of broken coconut shells.  The place I had been shopping at had had them for so much per pound, so I bought several pounds.  Some became fixtures in rat cages, the others were cluttering up my toy parts box.  So, the smaller pieces got drilled and put in the toy parts bin (for the hanging toys at the rescue) and then the others were bolted to the cages.  That cleared out a little more of that box.  I need to go through the whole thing, cause a lot of what's in there is pieces that could be used to make the holiday toys, but then there's some toy parts that are just random colors... which would be fine to make like a one of a kind toy for sale, but no reason to hang onto em and wait for the holiday toy to come around.

Tonight, I need to accomplish some things.  Need to do some paperwork and invoices, list the chins.  Need to look at the babies I'm holding back and look at their ages versus their weights.  Some might go bye bye if they're older and still too small.  Also need to set up the cage that's being picked up on Friday.  And need to start dusting and grooming the chins going to show in Feb.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Busy day

So, today started out with an adoption, our 3 year old female ebony went to her new home.  Her new family named her Ebony. 

Later I took down stuff that had piled up upstairs for the basement.  Organized stuff that was already down there.  Put away toy parts, toilet paper rolls, all sorts of fun stuff.  Put up three edstrom bottles on cages.  Took the swings that I bought from Christine at Twilight -- put up one.  Was going to put up the other but got distracted.  Christine sent other smaller swings as donations, so I put those up in the other cages. 

I cut the wood for the two custom hidey houses.  Nothing else, just cut it.  Moved onto cutting up some scrap wood.  When I cut the wood, I use a respirator and goggles, but I still always get the particles in my eyes, and at some point, my contacts were bothering me bad enough, so I had to stop cutting.

Took out the contacts, rinsed out eyes, put on glasses, and went back down.  I decided today was a good day to cut the last piece of the guinea pig shaving guard, and so I did.  About an inch too short.  Had some choice words with that piece of wood, cut it again, the right size that time, and nailed it on.  Hopefully that will help with the neverending shavings coming out the front of that cage.

Was still trying to move things downstairs and ran across the box of the toy parts which finally arrived.  The guy had taken two trash bags and loaded them up with the toy parts.  I wanted to get them all in a smaller (non-falling-apart box) and originally tried just taking the two bags and putting em in.  Ah, no.  One barely bit and that was sticking all the way out.  So, I took all the toy parts out of the two bags, put them in neat little rows and lined them all up in the smaller box.  My mom helped with the second bag, which made it go way quicker.

Having those nicely organized and in place, I took some down and sanded and drilled them.  Was able to finish making enough of the fun chewies toys to fill the drawer.  Sanded some additional toy parts and bagged those up.

I also had two bags of the buttons I was using for the snowman eyes/nose/mouth, but un-dyed.  Pulled out the black and orange food coloring so I colored those so I could put those away.  So those are drying at the moment.  

Also handed out the Christmas toys today.  I know, I know, Christmas was... like 3 weeks ago, so I'm a bit behind.  Pictures below.  Excuse the poos....I didn't want to further put off handing out toys due to poos in the pictures.

Myshkin (left) & Molly (right)

beige female

another beige female

beige male

Carlos (rescue)

Chile (rescue)



ebony female (rescue)

Gigi (rescue)


Gypsy's mosaic male

homo beige female

Lacey (left) & Pixie (right)

Lacey (left) & Poppy (right)


Nikki (doesn't she look good?  this is the chin that was scalped by another female awhile back)


Peanut (rescue)

mosaic female (look at that face!  such a cute puffball)

pink white female



...and here's Winx's cage with the additions....

Overstimulated?  Naaaaaaaaaah.
Ok, ok, I acknowledge, it's awfully busy in that cage.  And he's the only chin who's being deprived of a wheel right now, which he used to ADORE.  But I don't want to take anything out, so my only way to fit it all is to spread it out... and I actually have a few more things that should go in that cage, but, no room....  So... I'm thinking he's going to get that whole double CN to himself again.   I think I'm gonna open up the bottom so he can go down there and move some of this stuff down there. And there's a wheel in the bottom and I can put other fun stuff in here.

One more pic of him on the new swing...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good & Busy Day Today

Today actually got some things accomplished.  First, one of the cages that was on-hold chillin' in the basement for a while went home, so that freed up some room. 

Then, the rescue is on adopt-a-pet, which has a volunteer section.  Which I hate to say, is not many steps above useless.  Though, it is better than nothing, as I can't say I know of another site that has a volunteer network at all.  Anyway, the way it works is that people sign up as a volunteer and an email goes out to rescues saying there's a new volunteer in the area.  As a volunteer (I signed up as a volunteer to see how this works on both ends), you choose how many hours you have to work, when you want to work, what you want to do (you have choices to pick from), what animals you want to work with, if you want to foster, you write a little blurb about yourself, and so on and so forth.  And you sign up and get some emails from various rescues saying hey, just wanted to introduce the rescue, if you want to help out, let me know.  So, after receiving several of those to my volunteer profile, I wrote up one for NWICR.  And so, as a rescue, I can check, I want profiles of volunteers to show up for me if they are available any day, if they want to help with small animals, if they are any age, etc etc.  Because, it does me no good to email them if they want to only help out with dogs.  And so I selected any age, within so many miles, and small animals.  I get emails about volunteers that are 70 miles away, that only want to help with dogs, etc etc.  And when I get these emails, there's no way to tell that from looking at the email.  The email basically shows, here's a volunteer, they are over/under 18 years old, they live in this town, and you can see part of the blurb they have written about themselves.  So, I have to click on the volunteer, log in, and read what they wrote to see if they really want to help with small animals and if they're anywhere around here.  Because let's be honest, a 10 year old in Indianapolis is not going to make it out here to volunteer, so I can save the time it'd take to send that email out.

This sounds great, right, because in theory, I get an email the same day someone creates a volunteer profile on the website, so you'd think, ok, its a fresh person wanting to help.  Eh, no.  99% of the emails I send out to these people, specifically the ones that say small animal, I never hear back.  And it's not even like it just says "come clean cages!!" the email has a list of various things that can be done at the rescue, most of which do not require getting grimy.  But I almost NEVER hear back.  I think I've heard back from maybe 3 people in the entire time I've been on the site (and it's been at least a year or more) and I probably send out at least 25 emails a month.  Oh and two of those three were no shows when they were actually set to come volunteer.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got an email from someone asking what needs to be done at the rescue at the current time.  So, I said how the store's closed and I'm taking time to re-stock and there's this and this and this to do, but then asked, is there something they want to do?  They asked if we needed anything sewed.  YESSSSS!  If you all saw the pile of fleece I have that keeps stacking up.... anyway, so her name is Leslie, she came by today, I showed her how hammocks are made, gave her two boxes of material and some thread, and here's hoping everything turns out good.  I told her, if she likes doing it, I have oodles more.

So then, been texting/emailing with a family who are looking at two baby chins, and they wanted to come see them to decide if they wanted them.  They came by today, decided they do want them, and put down a deposit.  Yay.

Set up an adoption of the ebony girl tomorrow, so she'll be going home...

Also had someone text about a cage we had for sale, they ended up coming by and getting it, so that's one less...

So then, I packaged up a water bottle and mailed that out and started making more toys.  Got behind since I was sick.  Well, still am, but I can breathe better now, so I can actually work on stuff again.  Made a few fun chewies toys, those take forever due to the sanding of the large round wood piece.  Then sanded a crapload of anything goes pieces and re-filled that drawer.  Probably made like 15 toys.  Had some sanded pieces left over so I bagged those up.

Finished an order that's been sitting around for awhile, emailed the person with the total.  Just waiting to hear back.

Cleaned up a bit.  Mixed up some more guinea pig food (donated food with the oxbow we feed).  Cleaned the rabbit's cage again.  He's finally starting to catch on to the litter pan idea.

I still need to cut up wood for a two custom hidey house order, and then wood to make a few more houses and I need to cut up scrap wood into toy parts.  Oh!  The box of the 2" x 3" wood pieces arrived today, yay!  Been waiting since like October, it's time.  Need to sand some of those, and sand more of those small circles for the fun chewies toys and fill up that drawer.  I found some edstrom bottles lying around that can be put up on cages, gonna do that at some point.  Also still need to hand out the christmas chews to the chins.  They all got hay and a toilet paper roll today, so they were amused, but need to get the camera down there and hand the actual christmas stuff out.  I did hang the "stockings" with the names (Winx, Toby, Shani, Shiloh) up today though.  


Sunday, January 5, 2014


Ok, so to coincide with the bad weather, I'm officially sick.  I thought it was just the winter making me more congested than usual (as cold air and winters tend to do), but no.  I also have a mild fever and now I can't breathe (or sneeze for that matter), without resulting in 5 minutes of hacking.  Plus chest congestion.  Joy.   

And you know, the last few days, I was thinking, man, cleaning cages usually don't get me THIS wheezy, cause I mean, I was wearing the respirator, but now it makes sense... that was all leading up to now, where I need to avoid deep breathing (or heck, breathing at all), to keep myself from hacking.

And naturally, this happens on the weekend.

Anyway, point being... if you need to reach me, a phone call is not going to be very useful right now.  Please email or text.  

This is one of the few times in my life I'll say this, but thankfully, both my people coming today have cancelled.  The one said the roads are bad (I'm sure they are... we've already got 14"+ of snow here, and they're not super local) and the other said due to weather they couldn't make it, and I was like yay!!  So I can basically stay in bed all day and relax.  

I probably have to go down to feed the pets, but that's going to be the extent of rescue stuff today.

For the rat transport tomorrow night... I emailed the two people involved and asked to reschedule, cause I mean, I walk two feet and I'm wheezing so bad I'm ready to pass out.  So, hopefully we can reschedule cause I do not want to go out in this weather if at all possible....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cage Cleaning!

So, anyone who I talked to last night found out about my frustration when I went to go clean cages, BEFORE garbage pickup... only to find I had no shavings (and, pet stores already closed for the night).  So today, after garbage was picked up (naturally), we went to Tractor Supply and picked up some bedding and today I cleaned all the runs. 

By the way, the runs, for those that don't know, are these cages -->

...they're pretty much the only cages other than the FNs/CN that the rescue has anymore.  Mainly used for our breeding/showing chins, but also to house potentially pregnant rescues, ill chins, or chin that need to be separated or observed.  

In between that, had some people come by to pick up supplies, that went well.  Then, I was supposed to have someone come to look at a chin, but they didn't call and didn't show.  Which is frustrating cause I kept vacuuming the basement even as I was cleaning it, so that it would be clean when they arrived... but they never did. 

So I went and finished all the runs and then cleaned the prairie dog cage.  Their barn had seen better days, so all of that came out.  Cleaned off the frame of their barn as best I could (it can't fit out the door of the cage without removing the wheel) and put a new bed in the frame.  Hopefully they like that.  More likely, it will be shredded by morning.  But the old one was stinky, so time for new.  And cleaned out their pan, so now they have fresh.

Also cleaned the guinea pig cage.  Stripped it down completely, put the pigs in a donated carrier and got out the vinegar and cut up a towel and went to scrubbing.  And realized JUST how many cuts I have on my hands, due to the vinegar.  Owwww.  Once it was clean, piggies were added back, and they were happy.  Still need to put that front guard on the cage, I need to cut it first.  

For the rat stack, the one cage didn't have bedding, so I put bedding in there, in anticipation of the rats we're getting in on Monday. 

Would probably have done more, but despite the mask and all, I am horribly allergic to the pine, and pine dust (that's why, when I had a steady supply of shredded paper to use as bedding, I could spend so much more time at the rescue), and my wheezing makes me less able to do things.  Plus, the things I needed to do involve filling orders and making toys and cutting down larger pieces of wood into toy-sized pieces... all of which end up churning up more wood dust and would make me wheeze more.  So, those were out of the question for today.

But I did have a nice epiphany about something.  Ok, so probably very few people have ever seen me get the glass tube into the rubber stopper for the ryerson water bottles.  That's cause I try to have that done ahead of time, before people get here.  Know why?  Because it's ridiculously difficult.  It's one of those things I put off and put off and put off.  Like, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being hate hate hate... cleaning cages is a 9, putting these tubes in the stoppers is an 11.  It' a tight fit to get that glass tube in there, and not to mention, it's glass, so you can't force it because it will break.  So, previous attempts had involved getting down on the cement floor, holding the tube vertically on the floor with my left hand and trying to get the stopper on with my right.  Well, it works, but I can't get up and down 400 times, and this was still overly difficult as the stupid stopper never wanted to go in.  So, I tried it on the table.  Well.... better, cause since I was standing, there was more leverage, but the table's plastic, and wasn't providing the type of push-back pressure necessary for that tube to go in, so it went in slllllllllloooooooooow.  Not fast enough for me.  So I tried using my hand, with a thick horse-breaking-type leather glove on the hand that was meant to press on the glass tube.  Let's just say that ended up with a nice circular shaped imprint on my hand, but the tube did go in.  And here comes the epiphany... I decided... lemme take a piece of wood, drill a hole, but not all the way through, just big enough for the tube to sit in.  So, I did... and this holds the tube upright!  Now, I still have to hold it with my left hand, but keeping it vertical while there's a ton of downward pressure isn't all that easy... but with the wood, it stays mostly vertical, and I was able to get a ton of them done.  So happy!!!!

I'm supposed to have someone come to look at some chins tomorrow, and some people come volunteer... but we shall see if they come, due to the weather...

Well, I think that's it for today. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Ok, so I got a bit behind.....

So, clearly, I got a bit behind on listing what I was doing everyday, but for the most part, I've been chugging along...

I made some more of the fun chewies chew toys.  Will need to make some more of the anything goes ones, cause Meredith needed 9 and cleared out about half my drawer, lol.

Finished cleaning the chests of drawers.  Two of them didn't need deep cleaning, cause they're new, so those just got wiped down, but the others are all now clean, as is the small workstation (that more or less just is a catch-all for everything).

I STILL haven't given the critters their Christmas toys, I need to do that... *write that on the list for today*

I did all the paperwork for 2012 and handed it off for tax purposes.  Still need to do statistics for 2012, but that's for a later date....

I actually ran out of wood, so my intentions to finish all my outstanding orders already... yeah, can't do that without wood.  So, went out in the blizzard yesterday (for other things as well), and picked up wood.  Now, I can finish the shelf orders and someone has an order for two custom hidey houses, will be able to get working on that as well.

Started gluing back together the motohome that was sent to me in pieces.  It is a pain in the ass, since basically every place it was glued now is not together, so it's one piece at a time, with rubberbands and braces and everything.  Fun fun.

I have most of the fleece put away from the last time at the laundromat.  As to why it's taken this long -- these things are hard to get dry in short amounts of time, so they need to sit out and dry naturally... and I can only do a few at a time, cause they take up a lot of space.  But that's almost done.

Working on potty training the rabbit.  It's not going well.  He seems to think that the pine in the litterbox is his bed, and the rest of the cage should be pottied in.  Been scooping everything up and putting it in the litter pan, and it's only like day 3, so it hasn't been that long, but he's not catching on...  I may just have to switch to something other than pine, as I think it's the pine that he thinks is his bed, not the actual litterbox.  I gave him a bed, but he peed on it, so it's out now.  Until he can at least routinely pee in one spot, no beds, cause I don't want to wash things daily.  I don't have that much free time.

Dreamz is still holding out, no babies yet.  Definitely is the right weight for babies, so we shall see.  Probably just a matter of time.

The little beige boy that was almost fur-less now looks rather normal.  Waiting to hear back on someone who may want him, but if not, he will be up for sale.

My Gypsy's boy is looking kinda cottony, so that's disappointing, but he'll probably come to the next show and we'll see, it's only $5.

I ear-tagged three chins!  Clearly something that takes practice, the point didn't pierce anything on the first two chins (so, they have the equivalent of clip-on earrings).  The third looks a bit better... but I am still finding this difficult.  I needed to number the two beiges I have cause I now really can't tell them apart and they're definitely different ages and pedigrees.... and now they have ear-tags (assuming they don't get them off).

Still have plenty to do on the list before the store opens back up, but one thing at a time.  Currently working on fulfilling orders and making toys.  After that, we'll see.

My waiting list has been interesting lately.  Two people decided not to bring their chins, after all, one wants to donate a bag of chin chow though, always good.  One person on my list is bringing their chin (or chins... they're deciding) on Tuesday.  More people have been added to the list, one with a chin with a mystery illness that comes and goes.  Asked that guy to get me all the vet records that he can, so I'm not starting from scratch.  That'll be a few down the line though, there's other people in front of him.

This weekend will be busy.  Looking at houses in the morning tomorrow, then two people coming to pick up supply orders (online, both done before the store closed), and then someone coming to look at potentially adopting Carlos.  And then Sunday I have a volunteer.  Yay.