Wednesday, September 25, 2013

People.... and going's on.

So, I know I shouldn't start back up after a long absence with a non-happy blog, but... it is what it is.

So, two nights ago, I get a phone at at around 11:30 pm.  Yes, PM.  So, I do not answer it -- I tell my adoptive homes, if you need something that late, leave a message and I'll call you back, because I will not answer the phone after, say, 9:30 unless I'm expecting a call or know who it is.  So, I didn't answer the phone.

So I get an email:

Hi my name is [name] I called u late at night sorry but I was just wondering if I can stop by and see ur cuties martin or aston or jingles I have a female who is lonely cuz she has a huge house but no buddy but she is very friendly and adorable  she is only 8 months I beleave she is adorable her name is chee heres a pic of her and her house [phone number]
Ok, fine.  He sends pics of the chin and one of his FN/CN, which is very nicely decked out.  This is what I send back:

Your cage looks great!  However, since you have a female, you would only be able to adopt a female, as we don't adopt our rescues into homes where they would be with opposite-sex chinchillas, as they would breed and create more chinchillas that would probably find their way into the rescue.

If you decide you're looking for a female, we have a 4-5 year old beige female for adoption.
So, he calls three times during the day, none of which I pick up (because, let's remember, I work), and so he emails back.  
Thats what I thought too I was reading alot about meeting new chinchillas together well im interested really much can I swing by today I live in dyer IN. I was looking for a black velvet one or a tri. Color or who ever I fall in love with please call me [phone number]
Since I'm sure the "that's what I thought too" reference is to the cage, and there's no mention of the "female" part of my email, I'm pretty sure he has glossed over that, so I send another email:
I'm at work so I can't call you back right now.

I won't be home until 6:15ish today.  The only female I have available right now is a beige, no black velvets and there is no such color as a "tri" or even a tricolor, so I'm not sure what color you would be meaning by that.  If you want to come and see the beige that's fine, but just so you're aware, that's all I have in terms of females.  And I only have one female available, so not really anything to pick from at the moment.  Just so you're aware, I don't want you to feel like you're wasting your time.

If you want to come by to see the beige female, what time were you thinking?
Needless to say, I never heard back.  And I sent that email believing that he still was thinking he was wanting to come see those males I have (the all different color ones that he listed), hence why I wanted to lay it out, hey, if you come, you are not coming to see those.  It goes without saying, the last thing I need is some idiot that doesn't even know chin colors breeding chins.  I can guarantee you lots of those babies would end up at the rescue.

Moving along....

On another somber note, Bongo passed away.  Bongo was a malo chin that had been dropped off here maybe 1-2 months ago with his cagemate Baja.  Bongo had had a filing back in April and basically, I was waiting around to see how long that filing would last time.  If it was a good amount of time, then he'd be adoptable, if not, he'd become a sanctuary chin.  Well, I never did get to see how long that was, because he passed sometime yesterday.  He was not drooling, no watery eyes.  Got a good feel of his jaw now that he's gone and there's nothing to indicate jaw penetration by the roots, so likely he wasn't in pain.  He was eating his pellets and hay and taking the supplement (his previous owner left some) from my hand the day before.  So, likely, he had something else wrong that no one knew about.  But, he died happy with his cagemate and both of them chewing up things like little beavers.  He came from good home, so I can't say he had it better at the end, cause he always had it good, but at least he still had his buddy with him.

Moving along....

Everyone is returning their animals!  Nylah (well, Nyler... turns out its a boy), the mini rex is back, Honey (well, Harry... also a boy -- since adopting these two out I have been given lessons on properly sexing rabbits -- though these two were "only" rabbits so no worries there.  And today Haku is coming back.  Oh and Prim and Rue came back almost a month ago.  Busy busy.

Moving along....

I got an email from someone interested in chins, they listed just about every single I have with the exception of the beiges, asking for info, so I emailed them info and told them I'd get back to them with pics.  So that likely will be today.

Eddie is a turd.  I guess I've gotten used to chins that stay in their cage when the door's opened... not him!  He bolted out at like midnight last night.  Well... now I know better for next time.  

Moving along...

My computer had to be re-set, so I lost my huge access file with everyone's info in it.  Which is not a huge deal, I have the info elsewhere, but now I have to re-create the spreadsheet and re-do it all.  Ick.  But that's for when things have cooled down a bit and I have some free time.
Well, I think that's it for now.  Have a few people who want to come by this weekend, but I'm waiting to hear back about when this dog thing we're going to is, so I need to know that before I can schedule anyone.   

Oh one more thing.

House hunting has officially began.  So far have only driven by most of em, and some are clearly better than others just judging the outside.  The one in particular looked nice in pictures, but though the garages are accessible through the alley, clearly everyone parks in the front.  And since the road is narrow, and a cul-de-sac, and by cul-de-sac I mean a road that dead-ends with a slight bulb at the end, I had to do a 5 point turn to get out of there.  I don't think I'll subject my customers to that. 

And I will be calling me a new realtor.  The current one still hasn't gotten back to me about the houses and its been like 2 days (which may not sound long, but I want to move on this, pun intended, and I know other realtors are quicker with turnaround time).  My current one also said he has to "stay neutral" *rolls eyes* because he represents houses in Gary and other bad areas, so he can't tell me what's a bad vs. good area cause that wouldn't be fair to the houses he represents if he was like "don't buy this one."  I get the concept.... but not cool.  Apparently making sure the buyer is satisfied is not a priority.  Screw this, I'm going with one that I know can and will tell me about bad vs. good areas, and that gets back to me sooner than this. 

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