Sunday, September 29, 2013

Busy couple of days

So, lot's been going on lately.  Not all good.  So, few days ago, Bongo, our malo chin dropoff, passed away.  His cagemate, Baja, seems to be doing fine, but we'll keep an eye on him for a bit to check that he's doing alright before he's put up for adoption.

Then, Aston passed unexpectedly.  No rhyme or reason, just one day went down to feed/water the critters and he had passed.  So I went and took down his ads and changed Martins' ads so they no longer mentioned adopting him and Aston together.

Moving along to today.  Nytro and Dusty were all set to go home, there person had come here.  She'd just finished holding Dusty and moved onto Nytro.  He was energetic when I went to catch him and was sitting pretty nicely for the person.  At one point, struggled a bit, and then settled down. And so she says, "awww, I think he went to sleep."  And a few minutes pass and she makes another comment like that and I say, "I hope he's sleeping."  Well, turns out... he had passed.  Guess he had wanted to die at home with his family rather than die elsewhere.

We're going to have him cremated and I'm going to see if I can get Munster AH to do the pawprint thing for me.  We shall see.

So, I changed all of the Nytro and Dusty ads to just Dusty ads.  The person here picked out another chin to take home - Chili.  After this weird turn of events, which she, understandably, was a bit freaked out by (I mean, in 10 years, I have never had a chin die in the arms of the person wanting to take them home), I explained to her our 7 day health guarantee, but fingers crossed, that will not come into play.  But... now I'm paranoid.

Oh and to top off the bad few days  -- I forgot to give Chili's new home her bag of food, goodie bag, and printed out care packet. 

Now, if these were three separate events of healthy chins dying, you bet I would have them at the vet for necropsies.  But... one was a malo chin and another was a 13.5 year old chin.  But... if another chin dies... oh hell.  I will be there faster than you can blink.  They say death comes in threes....I hope this is my three, and some weird luck doesn't decide to up it to 6 or something.  Even though two of the deaths are explainable.... this is still too many too close together.  Ugh. 

So I weighed all the chins today just for good measure and there's none that I'm worried about... yet. 

On a positive note -- since we NEED one right now -- Winx, for the first time in ages, is over 600 grams!!  He was at 606-607!!  Who-hoo!!!

Not much else going on.  Got some orders out from before the store was closed.  Made some halloween holiday toys.  Cut out some of the houses that need to be built for the orders that were placed during the store closure.  Listed a TON of animals.  I think we're up to 16 listings on PetFinder (they count, I just notice the number), and that's counting pairs as 1 listing, so probably more than that available actually.  And that's with a critter or two listed as "adoption pending" - so, not counted in that amount.

I was going to work on listing more animals tonight, but I feel like I've gone through the wringer, so tonight is just going to be some TV and then bed.

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