Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy busy busy

So, this week is just busy in general, but yesterday took the cake for most-time-wasted.

So, I get off work, drive home, pick up Nytro's body to take him to be cremated, and pick up Harry, our male rex rabbit that was dropped off the other day that has gotten extremely aggressive.  Go to the vet.  They check me out with Nytro, but then tell me that Dr. Han is in surgery (never fails, I always show up when the only small animal vets are gone or in surgery) and I can either wait or come back.  But, it's exploratory surgery, so they tell me the doctor may not even be seeing patients today depending on how long it takes.  Since I'm still in my work clothes, I opt to go home and call them in a bit.

Go home, change, let Harry out of his carrier... he hopped around for about a minute before promptly hopping right back in.  Apparently that's a safe place for him.

So, I call the vet about 40 minutes later and Dr. Han is out of surgery and seeing patients, so I head over.  We get seen, he's given a good bill of health and scheduled for a neuter in the morning.  So, I'm getting ready to leave and they tell me, oh, I need to bring food and bedding.  Ahhhhhhh.  Not like the vet's far, but I make a third trip home and a third trip back to the vet.

So now, he should be getting his surgery done sometime today.  My mom is going to pick him up later, as I will be going with the realtor to look at houses today and likely won't be home before the vet closes.

So, we're almost out of hay.  Which only happens twice a year, so not a common thing.  So I call up my hay people, who remember me (which I find amazing... but maybe I'm the only one who ever buys anything under 40 bales?), and we tentatively set a time for Friday.  I'm supposed to call them Thursday to remind them and check that Friday's ok, and if it is, we will be getting hay on Friday.  Well,  potentially on two days because I don't think I can fit it all in at once, but we shall see.

The other day, got a call from someone at the Hobart Home Depot inviting us to an event featuring local rescues.  It's this Saturday from 9-12, and we're going to be there.  So, need to get ready for that.

If all goes well, Irene and Beatrice (rats) should be going home Saturday.  Lambchops should be going home on the 9th.  And so far, that's all I have for upcoming adoptions.  Rue potentially is going home sometime next weekend, if the people can work around the fact that I won't be home except for Sunday night.  If not, it'll be another time.  But other than these few, the rest of the animals are here, adoptable, and looking for their forever homes.  I still need to get down quite a few more animals before I can even take in the ones on my waiting list (assuming those still need to come to the rescue, knowing as how people seem to always think it'll take a day or two for an opening, not any actual time).

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