Friday, October 25, 2013


I got the house!  *happy dance*

So, adoption fees are all reduced by 25%.

That said, when our 2.5 year old rat comes up for adoption in a few days, her adoption fee of $5 to a retirement home is going to stay at $5.  If anyone is looking for an older rat, she is super sweet.  Sleeps a lot, but does awesome being handled and a great rat all around.  A pink eyed white.  Doesn't bite, loves people, just is old and sleeps a lot.  Needs a home to live out her days.  

When I get around to listing used cages, those will also be 25% off.  All other supplies remain regular price.  Despite the lack of cages on the Used Cages page, I have a TON of used cages right now.  I think one or two guinea pig sized, at least two rat cages, plenty that would work for chins or ferrets.  Will try to get those posted sometime soon.

So, if you're looking to adopt and need your critter and cage, now's the time to get it at a reduced price.  Good deals!  If you're looking at a $100 chin and a $100 cage, you'd now be paying only $75 for each, and saving $50!  Who-hoo!

Oh, but this all only applies if you pickup before November 27th.  If I have to lug this stuff to the new house (still *happy dancing*), no discount.  Ideally, I'd like to sell this stuff now so that I don't have to move it to the new house.

Oh, and the chins are back up for adoption.  Still no testing results back, but at this point, if it was food/water/hay, we should have had more dead, and if it was contagious, cagemates (of the chins that passed) should be dead, and they're still all alive and well.  So, we dunno what it was, but it seems over now, and the chins remaining here are fine, so they're back up for adoption.

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