Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Going on's

So, it's been a little quiet lately, what with cancelling adoptions, not going to the chin show, and all of that.

But we did have some adoptions -- one person adopted Flounder and Prim (separate cages, obviously) and three male rats, another adopted a single male chinchilla.  So, that's a few less.

And orders are still coming in.  Had a few small ones, until today... when I got one order for like 8 hidey houses.  That's going to be a pain to pack.  Granted, that will likely be more than one box.  But still.  And I still don't have a ton of hidey houses ready to go, though I do have a few, thanks to a volunteer coming by to help make them and sand wood parts.  But 8?  Must have a lot of animals.

Oh and the rescue is in the process of purchasing an air scrubber.  As anyone who's been down at the rescue with me for any length of time knows, my allergies start getting the better of me and my asthma kicks in and I start wheezing.  That doesn't make staying down at the rescue very appealing, because I value breathing pretty highly.  So the air scrubber we're working on getting is refurbished discontinued unit, so it basically 70% off.  But don't let that fool you, it's still super expensive.  But if it lets me stay down at the rescue longer and keeps my (eventual) next location from getting condemned due to animal smells, it will be worth it.  These air scrubbers are like a high tech version of air purifiers and not only help pull particles and smells from the air, they also pull in bacteria and ideally keep airborne illnesses from spreading.  They tend to be used by vets, animal hospitals, regular people hospitals, so this is like high tech.

Dunno how soon we'll have this, the rep I'm talking to knows I want this one (which is good, cause apparently there were other people considering these -- there were two [different sized] refurb'd units) and just emailed asking what sales tax is for Indiana, so hopefully next step is I have a final price with sales tax and freight and we go from there.  I am antsy.  I keep checking my email hoping...

Oh and Carmen is set to go home this upcoming weekend.  And I think that's it.

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