Monday, October 21, 2013

Short update

So, this will be a short update.

Tazzie was adopted by the person who took her on a trial run.  Yay.

Our med eb male was adopted, named Midnight, and they sent me pics!  Yay.

No chins have died, with the exception being a few-day-old baby, which is not unusual.

Our Lucky (guinea pig) has passed away, unknown causes, but, as with chins, sometimes that just happens.  Unfortunately, we never know to what extent (if any) these animals have unknown health problems, heart conditions, etc.

Lambchops and Carmen (both guinea pigs) went to their new home.  Yay.

Called up Highland Animal Hospital today, cause it's day 14 and we still don't have the necropsy results.  They said that the results are running slow right now, they said to expect to find out towards the end of the week.  Ugh.  So more waiting on that.

On the house hunt, was ready to make an offer on a house in Hammond in the Hessville area... until we did our longer walkthrough with the realtor and discovered... no central air.  Now, had it just said "air: yes" -- this would not have been anything major, as I did see a window unit in a closet, but it actually said "cooling: central air."  So, my realtor contacted the listing agent, said that I was disappointed, but still interested, but wanted to see about getting central air put in.  So we're working on that right now.  Not getting it put in, actually, but the seller is supposed to get us some quotes on cost.  So, once I get a quote, I will offer that much less (plus I was already going to offer less).

It's a nice house.

The basement is literally divided into two sections, one for chins, one for my other stuff.  The main thing that would need to be done (other than the air conditioning) would be to install doors in the basement to close off the chin area and close off the storage area.  Other than that, just minor touch-ups and cleaning.

Fingers crossed this property doesn't get sold in the meantime cause I am in love with it.

Have emails from some other people potentially looking to adopt, once we get the necropsy results in and re-open the rescue to adoptions.  The rescue is still going to stay closed as far as surrenders, as we're still way over the number of animals we should be, but open for adoption is better than nothing.

With the house -- in the event the air issue gets worked out and I put in an offer and it's accepted, we're going to have a sale with reduced adoption fees.  The purpose being to maybe move some of them out of here a little quicker so there will be less animals to move to the new place.  Much easier to move empty cages that can be cleaned ahead of time, versus moving animals to carriers, trying to hurry up and vacuum cages to make em halfway decent, and moving em.  I would rather not move cages that have only been cleaned so-so to a new place.  So the more chins and critters adopted out, the better.

And I think that might be it.

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  1. The house looks lovely :-)
    You must be excited to get on and get in, hopefully it all works out!