Wednesday, October 2, 2013

*sigh* shipping to other countries


Let's just start with what happened.  I get an order from the webstore and I look at the address (which is unconfirmed, of course) and it's Denmark.  Wait, Denmark?  The webstore is only set up to take US orders.  And of course, because it was put through as a US order, it shows shipping as $8.50.  Uh... no.  Just to illustrate...

Now I intentionally made that large, so it's clear.  Notice on the bottom there, it say, "Shipping to:" and then shows "United States."  Guess what? - that's the only option.  You click on it, try to change it, you can't.  And that's done intentionally, because I do not have anywhere near the time I would need to go through and figure out shipping for every item to every other country out there... not to mention... I typically ship out 1-2 items out of country every year.  And typically, those are to Canada.  So, it wouldn't be worth it for me to spend the time to input shipping costs for every other country.

Most people who want things shipped out of country email, say, "hey, I noticed I can't do it on your website, how much would it be for this?"  And I tell them and 99.5% of the time, they say, "oh that's too expensive, nevermind."  Ok.  But this person apparently just glossed over the fact that shipping is to the United States, and then put in a Denmark address.  Which would completely be fine if somehow shipping reflected the package going to Denmark.  But heck, $8.50 might not even cover these for a far part of the U.S. much less Denmark.

So, I sent her an email nicely saying that the $8.50 she was charged for shipping was for shipping to the U.S. and that the shopping cart is not set up for international sales.  I told her that I looked up shipping, and it would be $18 to ship the two items (she had like a supplement jar and loofah I think) to Denmark.  So, if she wanted the items, I needed to be paypalled an additional $9.50, or I could refund her money.  We shall see what happens.

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