Sunday, October 6, 2013

NWI, we have a problem....

Title says it all.  Four chins have died in the past 10? 11? days, we have something going on.  Today, I had volunteers here today (thanks girls!) and they noticed that Dracula (aka Haku) was not dusting when put in his dust.  Pulled him out, and he was alive, but just barely.  He passed over the next maybe hour or so.  No reason, no nothing.  Like the others (in case you've forgot -- Bongo [9/24], Aston [9/27], Nytro [9/29]), he was fine the day before, and the all of a sudden, passed.  I dunno if we might have something contagious going on, but we need to find out, so Dracula is going in for a necropsy tomorrow.  He is in the freezer right now (much to my parents' dismay).

My mom said maybe it's a sign I'm not supposed to have the rescue (that all the chins are dying).  What a thing to say, eh?

I'm worried about the remaining chins.  My Winx isn't (and hasn't been) in the best of health (though he is improving), so he could be dealing with a compromised immune system, and let's not forget right now we have 11ish chins under 4 months here.  Also not the most wonderful immune systems when they're that young.  I wish I could take the day off work to take the chin in but needless to say no one here (or at work) would approve.  

...and Clyde has seemingly managed to injure himself.  I dunno if he fell or what but he's sort of half dragging his one back leg, doing a weird sort of limp.  So, he will be going to the vet tomorrow along with Dracula. 

But there are good things going on too!  Yesterday we were at the Hobart Home Depot for their annual fire and safety thing for kids, and we got $8 in donations!  Yay!  One of the people who donated was the guy who runs Amhurst Asylum and he said if I give him a flyer for the rescue, he'll put it up!  Awesome!

Also, Irene & Beatrice were adopted yesterday.  Today, Prim and Flounder were picked up for a trial run.  I have already received an email that the girl, for sure, wants to adopt them (they are in separate cages) -- yay!  And she wants to come look at the rats!  Plus, I had someone call about the rabbit, and another person text about taking Tazzie on a trial run -- she (well, I think it's a she... I could be wrong), is coming up from Indy on Tuesday.  Oh, cause a tree fell on my realtor's vehicle so he won't be up back to this area (from Bloomington -- he was visiting his daughter at college) by Tuesday, so we need to reschedule house viewings.  Darn, but it does allow me more time this week with people since most of this week I already have booked up and will be gone this week for a chin show.

Oh and Lambchops should finally be going home this Wednesday!  And I think that's it for the good news.  Back to worrying about the chins we still have....if you pray, pray that the remaining chins (all the zillions still here) hang on until our vet figures out what's wrong.  And pray he does figure out what's wrong.  If it turns out we have a mystery illness, I dunno what we're gonna do. 

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