Monday, October 28, 2013

Great Day Yesterday

Yesterday was AWESOME!!  So much accomplished.

So, got home from the farmer's market at around 11, went downstairs to start cleaning up the rescue (everything was everywhere) and such.  I organized the grand majority of our packaging supplies.  They'd been taking over the basement, between bubble wrap, air pillows (the kind you use to pack a box with), and that kind of stuff.  Gathered it all together and boxed it up.

Same with the supplies on the work table (which is typically covered with other stuff and never has any room to work).  I had boxes upon boxes of things that need pictures taken of and put up on the webstore.  Took all of those, put them in sealed boxes, and stacked them.  Went through every box on the table, and put away what I could.

Organized the pile of items that need to be washed and decided which cages are staying vs. not staying as our spare cages.  I think.

Took pictures of the used cages currently for sale, so I don't have to hunt through the camera for them.  Got a few more ready.  I have a Prevue Hendryx 495 that still had some useable metal shelves, added some wood shelves to that one.  Took pictures.  Had a huge cage sort of like a Quality Cage mansion, it had wire ramps and such, but they are chin-safe bar spacing, so I left those in.  Added more wood shelves to that, took a picture of that.

Have another cage that folds down, I think it might have been a ferret cage, but the shelves were so flimsy and wobbly (and not chin-safe) that I pitched them.  Got as far as wiping the bars of that cage down.  The base needs a lot of work and a lot of vinegar, so I started scrubbing on that yesterday, but it's going to take some time to get that one clean.

I've decided I'm going to sell the cage we usually use for Expos, as it's so big and bulky, and I'm not getting any younger, and we're going to use our Quality Cage travel cage.  I had always figured, oh, I'd use a cage the size they should be in... but then the prairie dogs come in a travel cage, and I'm fine with explaining that it's not a permanent cage, and to own a chin, they'd need one bigger.

...and selling that cage allows me the room to keep the 4 J's Plantation cage -->

Oh and I got in the air scrubber.  First few days, didn't notice much, but then, I bought the unit for a small area, not for the size of my parents' basement, but then yesterday, I was downstairs from 11 am in the morning and didn't need my inhaler til around 4-5 pm!  That's WAY longer than I could ever have gone before without needing it.  Yay.

So, I was supposed to have three people come to volunteer, Emily & Sarah, and Sammy, but Sammy couldn't make it, so just Emily and Sarah came by.

We got so much done!  Like I had a zillion things on my to-do list and we knocked out the grand majority of them.  All the runs got cleaned.  The large guinea pig cage, and the two smaller guinea pig cages got cleaned.  The two quality cages got cleaned.  All the chins got wood sticks to chew on.  All the chins got hay.  All the hay cube holders got filled up.  All the chins got a dust bath.  Prairie dog food got mixed up.  And all the hanging toys on the cage got filled up.  The girls did an awesome job, it would have taken me forever to do all of this without their help.

So when they left, I continued to clean and organize.  Completely organized the wall of stuff that needs to be cleaned.  Picked up all the hay on the ground, and put it into 1.5 pound bags (for when people order starter packs).  Realized I had no more baggies (1 ounce or 3 ounce) of rosebuds, so I made some of those.

Opened up email on my phone to view current orders.  Realized I still haven't sent out an invoice for an order (and still haven't yet as of today, the mental note failed).  Got together four orders that had been paid for.  One was already packed, the others I packaged up and got ready.

Some of the orders I'm still working on.  I have an order for a cottage hidey house with a bottom with bolts to hang on the side of the cage.  Well, I'd started building one, and it had half of the top on and the rubberbands still holding it together.  Pulled it down, put on part of the bottom, and then cut the little piece for the remainder of the bottom, and rubberbanded that all together.  And drilled the holes for the hardware.  Today, I will just have to cut the remaining piece for the top, glue and rubberband that and let it sit for a day.  Will put the bolts in, finish the shelves that go along with that order, and will hopefully box it up within the next few days.

Another order has a toy and a motorhome and something else.  Had started on the motorhome a little bit ago, made the front piece with the headlights today and the two front supports and glued on the roof.  Left it to try, the wheels can go on tomorrow or the next day.  Then that order should be able to go out soon as well.

Got another order in today.  And I think I have another few lurking in my email, but I need to clear out the ones I'm mailing today to see what's left for me to work on.  For sure I have the one order left that has the 7-8 hidey houses in it.  Haven't even had a chance to look at that one yet... but to even have space to do that, I need to move some of these others out first.  But I got a good start on the orders.  Currently marked all the hidey houses and chinny mobile and chinny motorhome as "out of stock" because I need to get caught up before I keep getting more orders for those.  So any orders within the next few days from the webstore can only be little things.  Yay.

So I think that's it for now.

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