Tuesday, May 27, 2014

While I'm up...

While I'm up, I might as well post.

It's been kinda crappy lately.  Very few adoptions.  Quite a few no-shows.  Actually, kinda a ridiculous number.  I've had more people not show for their appointments in the last two months than I've had actually show up.  I find that kinda rude.  I can understand the occasional person who has something come up and can't get to the internet to find my phone number, but all these people?  Decide you don't want the chin anymore?  Got one somewhere else?  Call.  I've had people flat out forget they have an appointment.  Write it down?  There's a reason I have a planner.

Not much exciting going on since the Lake County Pet Expo.  I feel like that was around the last time I posted, but it's been slow.  Just been cleaning cages and such.  Still working on painting the work station type thing that goes in the basement, and once that's done, I will have the basement more organized.

Pigeon coop is working on being done, but still need to get the roofing on and need to put some sort of guards so the pigeons can't get out the sides where the coop connects to the roof.  One thing at a time though.

The main thing, today, is with Cumberpatch.  Cumberpatch went on a trial run a few days ago, with a family in Indy.  They said she was fine the first night and then at playtime the second day, they noticed a few drops of blood.  Initially, I thought she just somehow cut herself.  Wouldn't be unheard of, and would just result in a few drops of blood, but then the person asked her daughter and the daughter said that something was sticking out.  So I asked the person to check, and yep, something sticking out.  So, the typical thought on that is anal prolapse, so I gave her the number of the vet to call and talk to and she took her in this morning.  As guessed, anal prolapse.  They said about 2 inches had come out -- and considering we're talking about a 3ish month old chin, that's a heck of a lot.  Surgery would have been $500, not counting that this could happen again if they didn't discover the cause of the prolapse.  They said that if it was parasites, that would be the easiest solution, but to determine that they would have needed to take a fecal, and since the chin wasn't pooing (which it wouldn't with a prolapse), they would need to do the surgery, or at least open her up to go in and get a poo.  The alternative would be doing bloodwork, which may or may not have shown a parasite, and they said could show bladder problems, liver problems, a whole slew of different things that could have been wrong to have caused a prolapse. The bloodwork alone would have been another $200+, and that would have potentially only shown what the problem was (if it even did that), so we would have been looking at $700ish at the minimum.  That's a lot of money, especially for a chin where prognosis is not good.  This sort of thing can happen over and over.  So, sadly, she was put down. 

RIP Cumberpatch

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