Saturday, August 9, 2014

One line emails

I'm going to make this real quick cause I have people coming, but I was going through my emails this morning, and I had several of these and it irks me to no end.  What is it?  It's emails with a subject line and no inside.  Like, today, I have one email with the subject "I want to adopt Ryler and Reed" -- open it, blank email.  Few others like that too.

Like as if telling me that is enough to say, ok, come over and get em.  Could you make ANY effort on your part?   I mean I know this is the age of texting and you sure don't have a "subject" line in texting, but is it that difficult to type something else? 

Or another, "I want a female chinchilla."  Great.  Are you just telling me that?  Cause some people do email just to "talk," or do you want to adopt one? 

Is it that difficult to make an actual effort to write an email that makes you look like you put even 2 minutes into it?

Oh the best ones ever are:  I want to know what females you have, ages, colors, and prices.

Now, you've just made me think you may have something other than that chin being a pet planned.  Maybe not, I've met some people who legitimately just did want to know what I had available so they could pick.  But wording it like.... well, let's say I've run into a lot more people who want the fanciest color, cheapest chin they can come by, so they can breed it and sell the babies for 10x what they paid.  That's just how those people tend to word things.

So, the whole point of this is, it's useful to think about how you come across, when writing an email to a rescue.  If you're this informal to me, I don't wonder why people can't get jobs, or end up at McDonalds for their whole life.  I know an email is more informal than a letter, but when emails came about, it was just like an electronic letter.  Maybe it would be better if people would treat it as such.... there would be way less emails with no subject or one line emails that leave me guessing.  Because keep in mind... you being able to adopt is all about perception.  If I perceive that you will be a bad home, you won't be adopting.  I really don't care if you can't spell or your grammar is off (though, I am mentally correcting it for you in my head), but how that email comes across is important for me.  Because most times, that's all I have to go on, to tell me what kind of person you are. 

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