Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back at it...

I know I strayed from awhile from the bitching posts, but reality is reality, and we're back to em again.

Got an email earlier today wanting to adopt one of the chins.  So I told em, there's an adoption form, care packet, yadda yadda.  They emailed back, ok, send em, and while I'm at it, send all the photos I have of this chin and every other chin I have available.  Um, excuse me?  Ok, here's the thing.  Some ads that I put up only let you put up one picture.  An example would be  All my ads on there have one picture.  However, each ad has a link to my Available Chins page on the website, which has every picture I have of each chin on it.  So believe me, you're not short changed by finding that ad.  Anyway, but of course, this person didn't find THAT ad, no, they found an ad that has all 8 pictures of this chin... and they wanted me to send em to them.  Mind you, that ad also has the link to my website, which lists all chins, shows all pictures. 

If you get me in a good mood, and I don't have 10 chins available, I will attach pictures for you.  But this isn't practical when I have more than a few chins (due to the sheer number of pictures), or even when I have a few, because too many attachments and now my email goes to spam.  Not to mention -- can you not be bothered to go on the ad yourself or the website yourself and look at the pictures?  It's not that difficult, I swear. 

Ok, and that's all the whining for today.  Not because I'm keeping anything to myself, not even because people have been "good" lately, but rather, because that's about the only email I've gotten relating to adoptions in about 2-3 weeks.

Moving along.

I am trying to clean up the house.   This has been evidenced by the cage sale, and trying to get the used items for sale clean and ready to go.  The last time I had a volunteer, we cleaned some of the used items and took pictures.  Problem is, most of the used items end up making the rescue $1-3 and cost the rescue the time and effort of washing them, plus 20-30 minutes for picture editing and listing on the webstore.  That's per item.  So, not really a good trade-off.  I was going to just recycle the recyclables and pitch the remaining, but before that, I thought of posting them all on facebook, CnH, and a few other places.  Rather than listing them all individually, with exactly what it is, exactly what animals it's good for, dimensions, the whole 9 yards, one picture per item.... I have about 3 items per picture, just item title (like, ceramic food bowl) and price.  I will answer questions if someone needs, but no more typing it all out ahead of time and wasting ridiculous amounts of time.    The facebook album is here --> - should you care to look.  All used items, all in good condition for the most part.  But at the end of the day, I hate clutter, this stuff is the epitome of clutter, and it needs to go bye-bye. 

And so far so good.  All three of the chin-shaped ceramic dust houses have sold, plus a food bowl.  I emailed someone a quote for all the water bottles and some dusters.  Hoping they get back to me soon.  Cause if they don't want the water bottles, other people do.  Got a measurement on the small carrier for someone.  Someone else messaged wanting a slew of things, I told em, give me a day or so to figure out what the other people are getting, and I will get back to them.  Hopefully a lot of the stuff goes.  Cause it's honestly just taking up too much room here and it's not worth enough money to keep it around when space is at a premium anyway.

One last thing and then I will go.  So, I packaged up the paid order for the chin dust houses and bowl, and a few more orders today, and I cleaned off that table I used for the pictures of the items and put back the drainer racks and started washing more used items and other stuff.  Yeah, more stuff, cause that's not all I have, the stuff that's listed.  That's just a portion, and I still have a small pile of things to go through and wash, and I figure, once the time runs out on this one (it has til Sept. 13 -- I plan to give each batch 3 weeks til it gets recycled/pitched), I can go through more stuff then, etc etc.  Even once I get through the used items themselves, I need to go through my own collection *cough* hoarding *cough* of food bowls, water bottles, etc etc. 

Well, so I was washing items and filling the drainers.  Almost to the end of filling em, and I pick up one of those little glass jars, like the type used for the healthy treat mix.  My hands are covered with suds and so is the jar, and I drop the jar into the sink.  It doesn't sound like it broke, so I pick it up, stick the sponge inside, one finger inside, other fingers inside, and start to turn.  Can you see where this is going?  Note to the wise:  if you drop something that's glass, and there's enough suds on it that you can't tell if it's broken, for heaven's sake, rinse it off and check, before you keep washing it, or you will be making a midnight trip to Walmart for bandaids and peroxide.

I'm going to go repair my hand now....  

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