Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Few things

Few things I would like to touch on.

First.....I work.  I don't know about the rest of you, but to pay my bills, I need money. That comes from working.  That also means that I'm not available 24/7 when you need something. I had someone call 5 times today.  FIVE times.  Fifth time left a message. Wanted to volunteer tomorrow. Then texted me.  I told her, tomorrow won't work for me. I check my email and notice an email from this person. Now...this may be the nicest person on the planet but that urgency to get ahold of me, I find mildly creepy, considering this was not a life or death situation.  But regardless, I will be at work tomorrow, and considering I just got home from work and will be going back for an early shift, I will not be having anyone by tomorrow.

Not to mention, I've caught a bad cold and will want to rest so I feel my best for the expo.

But the point is, as much as I might wish it, I'm not free 24/7 for when people need something. That would be super convenient if my schedule always lined up with the schedules of volunteers and such. But it doesn't, and that's just life.

Second, waiting for orders. Again, I remind you - I have a job. I don't sit here all day cranking out chinny mobiles and playing with chins, as fun as that might be. I try my best to get food orders out ASAP. I really do. But for just about everything else, it's done in the order received / paid for, and sometimes it takes awhile. Cause it is only me, and I do have additional things to do outside of the pets.

Third, I have had an influx of people, both potential adoptive homes and people wanting to surrender, that cannot drive to pickup or cannot bring their chin here.  Which makes me curious how they get the chin to the vet if it gets sick, but also puts a strain on the rescue. Well, back up. If someone cannot drive here to get a chin, they're not adopting. This is not a mail-order-chin-service. But if I, or someone I know, has to pay for gas to go get a chin, that's less money that can be spent feeding the chins. Or spending for chew toys. Etc etc.

And right now, the rescue has very low funds, and really can't afford much extra expenses.

Though if anyone would like to help transport, when needed, please let me know.

Which brings me to my last point of the night. Volunteers. Or lack thereof. We have had one volunteer come by all year. ONE. Don't get me wrong, one is better than none.  But if you all could hear these people I talk to. Oh yeah they want to come help. Oh yeah all the time. Oh yeah they'll help with whatever is needed. Yet never available and never actually helping. I was looking at a horse rescues website. It said volunteers could ride the horses after a full days volunteering. A full day!!  I can't get people to spend an hour or two here, doing things considerably more pleasant than mucking stalls...and judging by their Facebook page, they have most volunteer shifts covered for the next month!!  What am I doing wrong?

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