Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the latest

So, not much going on.  As in, no emails about adoptions, very little else going on.  Sold a few pet things at the garage sale, so a few more bucks for the rescue, but not much to speak of.

Getting Oreo and Zoro returned, the lady said her grandson (who lives with her) lost interest in them.  I missed two of her calls, due to being at work, just listened to them now -- she also needs to return the other rabbit she adopted for her daycare awhile back, Nyler.  Ugh.  I already have two rabbits here, this will bring it to 5.  And things like this are what make me not want to take in any other animals.  It's fine when I literally have 2.  But now I'm going to have three cages of rabbits, which adopt out slower than molasses as it is, and eat me out of house and home in the meantime, and are miserably messy to clean up after.  One cage I can do.  Three turns this into a rabbit rescue.

I emailed another rescue that said they could always help with transport, and they haven't even had the decency to email me back.  Or the other person who would be involved in the transport, she emailed them as well and they haven't emailed her back either.  Is it that hard to have some common decency and email people back?  I mean, even if they can't help, how much time would it take to say, sorry, on your own with this one.  Nope.  About two weeks later, and they never emailed back, I ended up finding someone else to bring some critters here.  But could they at least have emailed and responded?  Guess not.

On a positive note, Peggy (of Rescued Rat Adoptions) took my four senior girls into her rescue, said she would try to cage them with some other seniors she has.  That has freed up my rat cages so that if there's any ratties needing to come in, they can.  But really, I'm so swamped as it is, I don't need any more animals at this point.

Another thing... I'm all about saving money, but what is it with this whole, I want something for LESS-than-nothing craze going on right now? I must have gotten 5 pm's, TODAY, alone, asking for cheap cages.  Cheap is relative, because compared to a pet store, my cages are cheap.  But I asked, and they all want cages that I'd charge like $90+ for, for under $50, and chock full of shelves and accessories and whatnot.  There's one cage I have for sale for $94 -- the cage ALONE sells for $90, and this one has literally everything you need, food bowl, water bottle, wood shelves, hidey house, accessories, etc etc, hammock, everything's like new, but heaven forbid they spend $94 on it, when they could get the cage new for $90.  I guess they aren't figuring, that cage for $90 really costs $96.30 with Indiana sales tax, plus the house would be $15 new (from here), plus the wood shelves, at least another $20 (from here), the coop cup food bowl would be $4.99 new ($5.33 with sales tax from the pet store), the water bottle would be $6 brand new (from here), the two hammocks in the cage would be $8.50 and $7.50 new (from here), the hay holder would be $3 (from here).  So, either $94 for everything used and in awesome condition, or get it new for $161.63.  Does that $94 sound so bad now?  Realistically, everything's going to get chewed up anyway, and look used in about a month anyway, so why not save the $68 and just get it used to start with?

One more thing.  People are funny.  As in, they email they're interested.  I haven't emailed back and it's been a few hours, so they email again.  I email back and tell them to adopt, they need to read the care packet, fill out the adoption form, do they want those?  They email back right away, yes, they do.  I don't email for a few hours, I get an email, well can they find them anywhere without my help???  (which is kind of an odd question if you think about it).  I email back and say, well they are on the website, but I've attached them.  And then... after all the rush rush rush.... it's been several days and I have yet to hear back from them.  But... I thought they were in such a rush!

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