Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hi again

On a positive note, one of my current adoptive homes came by and adopted a chin, a FN that was taking up lots of space in my garage, and some supplies.  Yay for that.

Also, supposed to have someone coming by to pick up a rabbit to foster.  Also yay.

One thing though.  I've had a few people offer to foster, who never ended up adopting, not because I denied them, but because they never showed up for appointments, or dragged their feet for two months, or couldn't get the money together, or cancelled four appointments.... if you fit one of these descriptions or something like it, you're not adopting.  Sorry, but I can think of one person in particular who did just about all of this, wasted oodles of my time... I don't think I'd ever get the chins back from them, not even cause they'd intentionally try to keep em, but because they'd keep cancelling appointments and things would keep coming up.  Sorry, no.  Granted, I realize, if people offer to foster, who I don't know, that's not really much better, they could be just like this, but at least I know who to, for sure, stay away from.

Speaking of, I don't have chin cages to lend out, since I use the FNs.  Even the rabbit cages I have at the moment are borrowed from the person who dropped off the rabbits.  So, if you're looking to foster, that's great, but for a chin, you will need a rescue-approved cage.  Which for most people, means you will need to make or buy shelves, as the pet stores don't sell any cages that actually are good.

One more thing.  I've gotten a lot of emails this week asking when the hidey houses will be back in stock.  Again, I hate to get snippy about things, but honest to god people, you want them back in stock, I need some people here to help.  I've had multiple people say, oh drop something off at my house.  Which is fine, its still help, but for a lot of this stuff, I'd have to bag up so much random crap for the average person to help, it's not practical.  Want to make toys at your house?  I need to bring you the wire, wire cutters, pliers to bend the wire, snap hooks, toy parts, sanding block, drill.... it's just not practical for a lot of things I need help with.

Anyway, what that boils down to is this -- the houses will not be available until I get through the current backlog of orders.  Yes, they sell wonderful.  That's the PROBLEM people.  If I put them back available, I won't have 20 orders backlogged, I'll have 50.  That kind of thing, having that many in waiting, stresses me out.  Especially cause then, once I've got half these people's order almost ready to go, I get an email, well, I haven't gotten it yet, and I don't want to wait any longer, can I cancel it?  Most things are not custom and can be sold to someone else, but it's the point of the matter.  Until I get through my current pile of orders, I just cannot add the houses back.  Period.  Want the houses back quicker, come by and volunteer.

Two more things.  This is not a petting zoo and I value my time immensely.  So when you email and say you want to come visit the rescue, please don't get mad when I ask if there's a reason you'd like to come.  Are you looking to adopt, want to learn more about chins, need supplies?  No offense to anyone, but it is a pain in the ass to clean up the entire rescue cause someone wants to come here and pet the cute little chinchillas and waste 3 hours of my time with no intention of ever adopting, being educated, or getting supplies.  Unfortunately, that's what typically seems to happen when people say they "just want to come visit."

Also.  I have an email from someone say they want to adopt, but want to do it all through text.  One word: NO.  I can't get you documents through text, and I don't have the time, between my job and my life, to sit around and text answers to all your questions.  Emailing answers to everything takes forever.  Calls are a little quicker, but I can't respond to them at 3 am.  Texting the answer to, and "why shouldn't I put a random male and female together?," "why can't I feed them the stuff with all the peanuts and seeds and other stuff that they love so much?!?!?" or any other long-answered question you have, is not something I ever plan on doing.  Sorry.  You will email or call, for the majority of our conversations prior to adoption, or you will not adopt.  I will not text for days on end just because someone can't be bothered to pick up the phone (which, come on, you obviously have if you can text) or answer an email.

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