Thursday, September 11, 2014

Busy day.

Today was a busy day.  It was like people knew I had the day off. 

Woke up, got a phone call from someone who had adopted a chin, wanted to come get supplies.  So they came by, got supplies. 

Packaged up some orders, the ones that didn't involve majorly building anything, and got those in the car.  Went out to the post office, mailed those out.  Already emailed everyone and refunded any shipping overages (well, the one).  So if you didn't get an email... sorry, but you're still waiting.  Though I did knock out quite a few orders today.

Which brings me to another thing. Postage has gone up, again.  Yeah, I know.  I literally am writing this as I am taking a break from going, item by item, through the webstore, and upping shipping slightly on every item.  You know how I can tell shipping went up?  Most orders that I shipped out today went something like this:  shipping charged: $10.00.  Actual shipping: $15.00.  Whereas last week, the $10 woulda been about right.  So... no drastic changes, nothing over $1 change, but shipping prices in the webstore are going up.

Now, that said, as always, if there's a significant overage in shipping, you get the overage refunded.  And I ship directly from the post office, so when you receive your package, you can see right on the label, how much I paid for shipping.  So like earlier today.  One guy was charged $15.15 for shipping (the only person I refunded today).  Actual shipping was $8.85, with handling that'd be $9.60 ($0.75 handling), so I refunded him $5.55.  But this is way better than the example the other day where I ended up with $0.65 for two goodie bags because shipping wasn't set high enough.

Also went through the webstore and took down items that had sold, removed the "new" listing from items that have been up forever.  

Picked up some chin chow earlier.  The bag changed, check out the facebook page for the picture.  Now has timothy hay and flaxseed in it.  Which I hear is fine.  But I wonder why they changed it.

Had some donated chin food (from awhile back), so mixed that in with the mazuri and mannapro, so I can use that up in a batch for the rescues.

The chins and guinea pigs that were boarding here for the last two weeks were picked up tonight.  They were good little critters while they were here.

Did hammock inventory.  The webstore is supposed to work where you put in, ok, I have 5 of this hammock.  One sells, the webstore should then show there's 4.  But... not always.  Like I just sold a polar bear hammock that was listed as "one remaining" and it still shows one remaining.  Except, there's none remaining.  So, I try to keep as up-to-date as possible and delete the listings for things that have sold.  And I try to keep the numbers up to date as well, so it doesn't show I have 3, and I sit here and can't find one... so I counted and updated all of the boh's (balance on hands -- I've worked in retail too long) for the hammocks.  Took some pics of the new-er hammocks that haven't made the webstore yet.  If you've been to the rescue, you know they aren't new at all, but they just haven't been put up in seemingly forever.  But... some of them have been added to the webstore.  Not all, because it got late and I have work in the morning, but I took some pics and worked with them, and this is some of the new-er hammocks

I will, sooner or later, be having a huge amount of cuddle buddies being listed on the webstore as well.  Michelle (of ChinniePop fame) was such an awesome volunteer, and sewed a ton of them, and I have yet to even get a picture of how many.  But first, the hammocks, then I tackle the rest of the junk on my work table, and THEN I will get to the cuddle buddies.  One of these days. 

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