Thursday, September 25, 2014


People are really starting to piss me off.

First, someone adopted a chin a while back.  They emailed me a few days ago saying his poos smelled and they were kinda squishy, and they'd read that they shouldn't be that way.  And they said, they're not always that way, but they go back and forth.  I told em, well, if they're that way at all, it's likely an infection, take em to the vet.  They ASK for a recommendation, so I give them one.  And what do they do?  Oh that's too far, we found a closer one.  And then I guess that one didn't work, so they find another one. 

They take the chin in, turns out it has some bacterial infection, on meds for a week.  The vet said the body temperature is too low, he is "cold to the touch," and is "too skinny."  Now, granted, I have no idea what this chin weighs, but he was fine while he was here.  Course, if the poos were squishy for some time (which apparently this person didn't think was a problem until now, even though his poos were not squishy when leaving here), he could have been losing weight. 

I don't know, but this really doesn't seem to add up.  First, if he has an infection, his body temperature should be up.  Should be high.  Like you know how humans have a fever when we're sick.  If there's a low body temperature with an infection, chances are it's something serious like sepsis, which isn't easily fixable.  (also, something that wouldn't happen overnight) 

The vet also said, get this, that he had to be in a different environment until they could get rid of the infection.  So these people put him in a carrier.  Which is fine and dandy... I've heard of vets saying, well, clean the cage... but a different environment entirely?  Do you move out of your house when you're sick?  No, because it's not practical. 

Anyway, part of what has me upset about all of this is, had she taken him to the vet I'd suggested, which wasn't all that far from her to begin with, I feel like we may have had a more knowledgeable response about what is wrong, but also, now she's saying, with her schedule "he has become too hard for me to care care of."  Oh baloney. 

And of course she wants suggestions (like?) or wants to bring him back.

I don't even care if she's reading this.  When you get a pet, you take the good with the bad.  The only thing that should have changed, due to this illness, is that now, she has to medicate him for a week.  That's IT.  God knows why he's losing weight or has squishy poos, but if I recall, I haven't seen her back here for FOOD, even though I recommend that people stick with the food the chin is on, so if she's feeding him junk, that might play a part in it.  He always ate fine when he was here.  I actually emailed her back and asked if something else has changed that I'm not aware of, because to me, that's the only change I see.

Also told her, if she wants to bring him back, right now she has to bring cage back with him, because my cages are full.  Which is always the time everyone wants to bring back their ill chins.

If you get a dog and it gets sick, do you say, oh hell, forget caring for it, let me return it?  You better not.  I see it ALL THE TIME with small animals and it REALLY pisses me off.  These animals are living things, JUST LIKE THAT FUCKING DOG THAT YOU LOVE SO MUCH, they're just caged, and DESERVE NO LESS.  I probably spend more time and effort cleaning up after these caged animals than I spend cleaning up after my dogs, and yeah, they don't show the same level of affection, but they are shown the same level of care if they need to go to the vet.  So it drives me absolutely insane when, the second an animal gets sick, which, let's be honest, no one should be stupid enough to think they'll get an animal and it'll never get sick, their first instinct should NOT be, let me dump it back where I got it, and let them deal with the vet bills and hassle, even though they're already overwhelmed and I only have ONE and I find that TOO DIFFICULT.  OMFG.  You people are a TRIP.  I care for something like 30-50 animals at once, usually MULTIPLE with medications at once, and you people can't handle ONE????  Give me a fucking break.

Moving along to the next aggravation of the day -- I got an email today asking for me to send someone samples of my items so they can do a review.  Which is great if people are questioning quality, but that rarely happens.  Chances are, the items they want to review are the hand-made items like the houses and such.... and with the rescue running out of money, I emailed her and told her, I can't be shipping out anything heavy right now.  She wants to review some herbs, toys, by all means.  But my guess would be, she wants a house or a motorhome free, shipped free, so she can review it.  Well, hate to break it to her, but I'm not eating the price of the house, my time making it, and the ridiculous cost of shipping, so I can get a you-tube review that no one will watch.  I have you-tube videos of my dogs doing tricks.  Videos from 3 years ago, mind you, have under 50 views.  Hardly think it's worth losing probably $50+ on shipping out a house/motorhome and other freebies for 50 people to watch it.  And how many youtube videos have you watched for some product and not bought it?  Oh yeah, plenty.  Just another tactic to get something for nothing.  You people make me sick.

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