Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Few things

Few things.

Flat rate prices went up.  Again.  Which likely means, so did mail prices, but let's start with flat rate.  That means, the flat rate boxes of mazuri or dust or care packages are going to cost a little more.  Not only because of shipping, but also because I will be adding handling.  I couldn't tell you why that hasn't been a part of it before, but it's always been cost of food + actual cost of shipping = price.  Well, problem with that is, I have to use tape, ziploc bags, markers, etc.  And really, I could use an extra little bit per package.  That's why every other package I send out has a tiny bit tacked on to shipping (usually not even $1) so I can afford those extra items.  But I ship out a good amount of flat rate food, and it's just not cutting it to ship it out without any handling charge.  Something's gotta pay for that tape and bags.  So, there's now a little added on for that.

Second.  I got some orders mailed out today.  More will go out tomorrow, and potentially even more than what I already have packed, if I get some more time to work on them.  I already emailed everyone and refunded any overages in shipping, so if you didn't get an email, your package didn't go out yet.  Maybe tomorrow.

Third. Shipping.  People often email about how high shipping prices are.  But people, these are the actual prices.  Or very close to.  Just one example from today.  Someone in Arizona ordered two goodie bags.  $2 each, so total of $4 for the items.  Shipping (from the webstore) came to $6.00.  So, shipping was more than the item itself.  I went and shipped it today -- cheapest, absolute cheapest, was $8.76.  So I shipped it... but let's keep in mind, after paypal took their cut, my total for this order was $9.41.  So, $9.41 minus the $8.76 I spent to ship it, equals.... $0.65.  I made $0.65 cents on two goodie bags.  Now come on people, they're priced at $2 because they legitimately have stuff in them worth $2.  Now, this person didn't complain about shipping (thank god, cause I have nothing to refund them in shipping overages), but, see, sometimes shipping really IS that ridiculous.  And yes, I do think it's ridiculous to pay almost $9 to ship two goodie bags to AZ.  I do.  But... that's what they charge, whatcha gonna do.

Lastly.  There is sometimes a reason to open toilet paper rolls.  Adult chins are typically too large to get any part of them stuck in them, but young adults, apparently not so much.  I will say, first and foremost, that this chin is fine, no harm done... but I just HAD to snap some pics before helping him out of his predicament....

Ahahahahahahaha.  Ok, he probably didn't think it was funny.  And I'm glad he's ok.  But sometimes we need those comical moments like this....


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