Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hi all

So, lots going on.  Well, not really.  But lots of emails.  Mostly ones where I've been writing out long responses to people's questions, and then getting nothing in return (yet), but fingers crossed this week will be different.

This Friday, I have a couple coming to volunteer!  Yay! 

Had someone call today, saying they were here awhile ago looking at chins and cages.  And they were, maybe a month or so ago.  Asked about a $65 cage.  Well, it was on sale then.  The sale on the cages ended, and it's back to $90 now.  They were disappointed. 

Thing is, it's just like a sale at a grocery store.  They don't go on forever.  They end sooner or later, and when they do, the items go back to regular price.  And if you miss the sale... you just end up paying regular price. 

It's not unheard of, by any sense of the word, for me to get calls after I take down a chin sale that says, "hey, the chins were on sale last week!!"  Yes, they were.  And why didn't you call last week?  Try going into a grocery store and pulling that.  Will get you nowhere.  Sorry, will get you nowhere here either.  Especially since the cages were on sale from like March - late September.  That's an awfully long sale.

Anyway, on a positive note, someone emailed about Gilly while I was in Kansas, so I just emailed them the care packet and adoption form today. 

Got another email from someone who's moving out of country and can't keep their chin, and waited until the absolute last minute to email. 

Got an email from someone who got a rabbit for their kid, now the rabbit's destroying the house, and they want to give it up.  Passed that along to Megan at Cottontail.

Got another email from someone asking if we take in / buy chinchillas.  Told em, we don't buy em (don't need to!), but we do accept surrenders, though we're full right now.  But told em, if they want to get on the waiting list, they can.  I can pretty much tell ya, they won't, though.  The people that expect a rescue to pay for their chinchilla -- don't quite understand what a rescue does. 

Got an email from a family that adopted some chins awhile back.  Last year, they picked up supplies at our St. Charles / Kane County Expo... they want to do the same this year, so I will be getting their list and their supplies ready for when that expo comes around.  Which is another thing -- if we're going to be at an expo that's close to you, we can bring supplies for you, if you want.  If you don't want to come to the expo itself, we can meet you once it's done for the day, or whatever, we just ask that you please show up, so that we don't have like 50 pounds of food and several bags of treats and hay and then we have to bring it all back home with us.  But we have no problem bringing extra with us if someone wants to stop by where we are and pick it up.  Just fyi for the future, cause sometimes we may be a lot closer in your area at these expos.

Got an email from someone who dropped off two chins awhile back, wanting to know how they were doing.  The one chin had unfortunately passed (I hate sending those type of emails), though it looked like in her sleep, so I told him that, and the other's still here, still doing well. 

Got an email about two chins at a shelter that wants to transfer them here....

busy busy busy

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