Thursday, October 9, 2014

Killing me

You people are killing me right now.  Absolutely killing me.  Had one person who was wanting to adopt two chins and a rabbit.  Sounded good, knew how far they were away.  Then yesterday I get a text, oh they're not going to be able to make the drive, but they'll buy a few hammocks to make up for it.  Just fyi, a $17 order of hammocks, most of which is taken up by the cost of materials and my time, does not make up for freeing up three cages.  But that's beside the point -- the reason this person couldn't adopt is because they don't have a car and they needed someone else to drive them.  They asked that person, could they get a ride?  And that person said no.

Now, let me ask you.  How difficult would it have been for that person to ask their friend, BEFORE contacting me, "hey, will you drive me to NWI?"  Course, they waited until they told me they wanted to adopt three animals, had me send them all the care packets and adoption forms, had me send them all sorts of pics and talk to them for a few days via text, and THEN asked the friend, could they get a ride.  Absolute waste of my time.  Since I started this job, I have nowhere near the amount of time to spend with the rescue animals or to deal with this bullshit as I did before.  And, to go with it, even less patience for shit like this.

Don't get me wrong, I know this is the world where people schedule appointments and cancel them 40 times, and that's why doctors offices have that thing where, if you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of the appointment, they charge you $25.  Because it gets really old and it wastes their time.  But we're talking about live animals here.

This is not my job.  That would really be nice if someone wanted to donate enough money to the rescue that I could quit my job and do only the rescue for the rest of my life, but I don't think that's going to happen.  This is just what I do after I come home from my 50-plus hour a week job.  Which means, if I've spent several days talking to you, sending you pictures, etc etc, expect me to be a little peeved when all of a sudden, you can't make it.

Had another person who wanted to adopt, who found out they can't have animals in their apartment.  Which is weird, cause they had a rabbit, and I guess went to tell the apartment, oh they were going to get a chin as well, and now the apartment was like, "wait, you can't have those."  Which is a slightly different situation, because in this situation, this person had been told, previously, that they could have caged pets (but apparently, the employee of the apartment complex who told them that was wrong about that). But the end result is the same -- now, this person is finding someone to care for their rabbit, and not adopting the chin that's here.

Also in recent news, I had someone request a refund for their order, since I wasn't able to get it out fast enough to them.  They didn't even give me a full 24-hour day between sending them email asking for the refund and opening a dispute with paypal.  Funny thing about having a dispute open, is that, while it's open, you can't refund their money.  So I contacted her, asked her to close the dispute so I could refund her money.  Which she did, and I refunded it.

Again, that (above) comes back to, no volunteers, no time to do all these orders as quickly as people would like them.

Then I got an email wanting to adopt some chins.  With just about everything on the app filled out "what they are used to."  That's not an answer.  Problem is, Mazuri isn't easily found in stores.  So, unless this person is going to come back to the rescue to buy food for the life of the chins (which most people don't), they won't be able to feed "what the chins are used to."  Same with the hay.  Same with the dust.  For the bedding, they just need to pick what works for them.  The chins are used to fleece bedding, but I hate it, and the average person owning chins doesn't use fleece, and my recommendation isn't going to change most people's minds on that.  Not to mention, these people put down that they don't have a cage and won't have one until they purchase them.  Well, shit, they need a cage first.  If I let all chins go to new homes without knowing the type of cage, half the adopters would put them in 10g aquariums.  So they need to answer that question.  For the question that asks, where are you going to keep the chins?  They put, "in a room."  No fucking shit.  No, I thought they'd keep them in their car.

And you all wonder why I'm constantly crabby.  Because for the last week, these people I just wrote about in this blog are the ONLY people I have dealt with regarding adoptions.  Oh, and I have maybe 3 more emails sitting in my inbox that want to bring animal here.  And it's not like one animal gets adopted and everything's all right.  There's maybe one adoption for every 20 people like this.  And that one happy moment doesn't make up for the 20 aggravating people.  That is all.

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