Sunday, May 17, 2015

Interesting Weekend

So, this was an interesting weekend.  I trainee judged at the Ohio Field Day (chinchilla show) in Plymouth, Ohio.  It was kinda fun, a bit difficult, I thought, to come up with comments for the chins.  Knew what I was seeing, but harder to put it into words.

Then came home today -- we had three living baby chinchillas when I left.  Two of them had slightly squishy poo, and I asked Jim about that this weekend, and I came home... now the poo's fine, but one of the two has passed.  The other seems fine, with better poo.  The third baby, the nicest and most promising in terms of show potential, developed a prolapse and passed.  So this hasn't been a good few days for babies here.

All the other chins seem to be doing well.  For a moment, I wasn't sure Cheech (one of the new rescues) was eating, because I didn't see a lot of poos.  I still can't say I see a ton, but I gave him hay, and did see him munching on that... and found poos outside the cage, so always a good start.  Will continue on the hay.

Got in two more chins today.  Salt and Pepper.  Wasn't feeling wonderful (well, still not), so today I just set them up with some food, water, and chew toys, and got them in their cage.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel better and can get more going in their cage.  Their previous owner took great care of them, nice cage with wood shelves and all, I'd just like to make it a bit more homey if I can.  Today I did mix up their food with my food so that they'd immediately start on a mix.

Then I have the dark ebony female set to go home on the weekend... well... she was in the same cage as the sapphire that developed fungus (did I blog about that?), and the sapphire was taken back to Jim's, and now the dark ebony has fungus.  So I emailed the person who is going to come adopt her, and explained to her about the situation and asked what she would like to do regarding the fungus situation.  Part of what makes this more difficult is that she already has a chin at home, so there's always the potential that the other chin could catch the fungus.  Anyway, I told her, I can either wait a few days and then let her know how the chin's doing, or send her home with more treatment, or continue to treat her here until I see new hair growth... so we'll see what she wants to do.  The thing is, between now and her appointment, it's unlikely that there will be new fur growth (which would be a sign the fungus is gone) between now and then.  And that's the easiest way to tell that the fungus is gone.

So, she was in one of the ferret nation cages, so I moved her to a smaller cage that I had the sapphire female in when she was treating.  Wiped down the entire cage, changed bedding, new food bowls, etc etc all that good stuff.  Gave her dust with treatment in it and she was dusting to her heart's content, so hopefully this will nip it in the bud.  Left the FN she was in wide open so I remember to remove everything and scrub and boil everything.  That'll be another day.

Fed Sammy (the hamster), cleaned Cookie's (rabbit) litterpan.  Gave everyone food and water and the guinea pig and rabbit hay.  Need to clean the runs, but since I'm not feeling well, that will be tomorrow.  Put away some of the stuff I washed where it goes, opening up my drying racks to wash more items.  Was planning on washing more items, but I started feeling worse at that point, so I decided that was enough for today.

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