Sunday, June 7, 2015

In case you think it's been slow.... hasn't.  In fact, the reason for posting is because while adoptions have settled down, surrenders are waaaaaaaaaaay up.

Let's recap:

On 5/9, we got in four chinchillas.  Cheech, Chong, Chupacabra, and Bigfoot.  Cheech and Chong are the parents, a 9 year old male and 7 year old female.  They have been separated since having Chupacabra and Bigfoot, the two female "babies" who are now going on 2 years old.  All grey chins.  The owners developed allergies.  These chins are all very sweet, they hang out together.  Cheech is by himself, but since he has lived with the other chins, he (in theory) might accept a male cagemate.  Chong, Chupacabra, and Bigfoot are all living together.  In a perfect world, the three could go home together, but more realistically, the sisters (Chupacabra and Bigfoot) need to go home together, and the mom can go home by herself (or possibly could be a cagemate for another chin).  All very friendly chins, no biting or spraying.

Then we got in Salt and Pepper.  Salt is a 2 year old pink white and Pepper is a 3 year old standard grey.  The lived together until Salt got her foot caught in the side of the cage.  They were separated so Salt could heal -- the owner had contacted me at the time and opted to go with amputation of the leg (which was broken), and ended up having to handfeed for some time to get Salt back on her feet.  When she tried to put them back together, Pepper would spray Salt, so now the two are separate.  The owner had to give them up due to a change in job that never left her home.  Salt is hilarious and just precious at the same time.  You can't tell that she's a tripod unless you know it, she gets around just fine.  Needs no special accommodations for that missing back foot.  She sleeps in her upside down hidey house, which will come with her, and she loves her hammock, which will also come with her.  She is just friendly to a fault.  Pepper is friendly, but I've been told she can spray if aggravated.  She hasn't sprayed me, or anyone here who has tried to pet her (and you'd be amazed how many people have reached in to touch her through the bars), so hopefully that continues to stay something that occurs rarely to never.  Neither have bitten.

On 5/19, we got in a 2 year old male chinchilla named Didi.  Didi was a pet that someone got, living in college (?) and with their stipend going down this upcoming semester, they are going to no longer have their own room, and don't want to put him out in the hall.  They have another chinchilla, but because the two aren't together, I believe they couldn't squeeze both cages in the room.  Didi loves hiding.  He spent the first day bunching up the liner I gave him (a super thin one) into the hidey house.  Now that he's been here a bit longer, you see him out of his house, but he took the first 2-3 days to not look into the cage and wonder if he was really in there.  He's a sweet boy, just a little shy.  Hasn't bitten.

On 5/27, we adopted out Cookie, our 1 year old dutch female rabbit.  We had someone on our waiting list, so I messaged them on facebook.  The next day, we got in a 6-7 year old dwarf himilayan buck named Funny Bunny.  Funny Bunny gets hairballs and is currently hacking, so he's getting lots of hay and veggies / leafy greens to help push that through.  But apparently that's just a thing for him.  Very sweet rabbit.  He has a litter pan in the cage, we will see (over time) if he uses it.  Can't tell how much he eats yet (as a dwarf, he will eat less than Cookie who was 5 pounds, but...), but I put in hay and he went nuts!  Loves his hay.  Probably veggies as well, not sure if they mentioned veggies (but I didn't ask either), but we will see what he likes.

And then we got in Illi Chilla, Lil Chin, and Potato Chip on the 28th.  Illi Chilla is the dad, Lil Chin is the mom, and Potato Chip is the "baby."  These three were dropped off at an animal hospital somewhere in Illinois back around November, and the manager took them home.  Turns out, they were more work to care for than she anticipated, so she brought them to the rescue.  Unfortunately, though the owner knew that they were not all the same sex, Potato Chip kept escaping out of her spare cage, so the three were together up until they came here.  She brought the spare cage with her, and did tell me that Potato Chip had escaped from it, from time to time, because the bars are bent on one side.  Said something about, oh, not likely anymore.  I wouldn't have thought so either, until I came down the next morning and only saw Illi Chilla in the cage.  Found Potato Chip pretty easily, but definitely moved them out of that specific cage.  Illi Chilla is 1-2 years, so is Lil Chin.  Potato Chip is around 6 months.  Dad and baby will be available in another month or so, Mom isn't big, but will be here for four months, just to check she's not pregnant again.  Illi Chilla is a pink white, both Lil Chin and Potato Chip are black velvets.  All these chins are very sweet.  Owner said she tried to work with them on handling, but they actually do about how the average chin does with handling, so that's a good thing.  No bites from these friendly fluffballs.

And we have Jordan, who came to us on the 29th.  Jordan is a 2 year old grey male chinchilla who was bought for the kids, when the kids begged, and the dad (who dropped him off) seemed to have very good intentions of him being cared for very well, but unfortunately, the kids lost interest.  They amazingly regained interest and the whole family got mad at the dad when he told them he was bringing in Jordan... but he said (and I agreed), that that would have been short lived, had they kept Jordan.  Having only had him a day, I can only go by what's been said, but apparently he loves having his ears and chin scratched.  He settled right into the hammock in the cage I put him in, as if he was right at home, so I don't think adapting and adjusting will be too hard for him at all.  No bites from him either. 

Now, don't get me wrong, we've had some interest in the chins, but there's still others on top of these that have emailed and want to bring in their chins and other critters.  Plus, there's other people who we've already told can bring their critters... just not quite set a day yet.

Plus we got in 6 more little ones from the ranch.

Speaking of all these chins, I think I'm going to go clean and feed.... 

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