Monday, June 22, 2015

...and more chinchillas

Well, today was uneventful... mainly because I didn't do much in terms of rescue stuff (but will be taking pictures and listing critters later on today).

The main thing was that I had someone comment on a picture on facebook, wanting the adoption form and all that... got it to them.  Haven't heard back.  Not to be pessimistic, but the people who tend to adopt, tend to get those back to me asap, so I try not to get too hopefully if too much time passes...

Had another one, where they called me in the morning and left a voicemail, and I somehow missed the call, and I marked on my to-do list to call them back, and before I could get some free time to do so, they called me again and asked how they'd go about adopting.  So I told them, care packet, adoption form, yadda yadda, and we went over all of that, and they said yeah, send it over.  So I did, and they sounded really enthusiastic about getting it back to me and adopting asap... that was like early today, still nothing.

And in case you say, oh those are the oddballs out, other people will adopt.  Sure they will.  I'm not worried about it.  It's just one of those things, for every 20 emails / phone calls / contacts I get, maybe 1 adopts. 

...and some bring them back.  I had people who adopted chinchillas back in 2011 call the other day, wanting to bring chinchillas back.  Since they were my chins, I told them that they could (everyone else is on a waiting list, but when people sign the form stating they have to return the chins... I try not to make them wait, if possible).  So they called today to check they had the right address, which makes sense, because when I talked to them today, we realized they came to my parents' house back in 2011.  Anyway, so they came by and dropped off the chins.  Paco and Kazi, now known as Tinkerbell, mom and daughter chins.  I asked them why they couldn't keep them and they said the chins were their first pets, but now they had dogs.  My mom was here at the time, and I said to her (after they left), "yeah, chins were my first pets too, and they'd be here until they died even after getting the dogs."  But not for everyone, I guess.  Guess for some people, one animal trumps another. 

Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate them bringing the chins back to the rescue (and I told the people as much).  Because I really do appreciate when people make that effort.  But the excuses.....

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