Thursday, June 18, 2015

People not minding their own business

Let me share what I find incredibly annoying.  Know-it-all's.  And mainly, know-it-all's that want to share just how much they know.  And assume, as a rescue, that we must know nothing.

Now, that said, I do know of several humane societies that mainly take in cats and dogs, and when they get a small animal... they might as well have taken in a monkey, for all they know how to care for it.  But the animal rescues that tend to focus on one animal, or small animals, typically know their stuff.

But people seem to think lately that they see things we can't.  I emailed someone pics of chins they wanted to see.  They responded back with, well you don't have toys??????  No, I do, but they weren't in the pics.   Let me share.

First pic is of a baby born here, taken in one of the holding cages that I have.  Now, anyone who's been here (and anyone who's even helped out) knows that those cages have 3 toys per cage (cause that's all that fits).  They're all on the front of the cage.  Second pic actually HAS a chew toy in it, see the left side of the pic.  Besides that, this is the top of that cage:

The pic was from when I lived at the last place, but... the cage is literally the same with the exception that the wheel is now a chin spin (and the prairie dogs have their leo braun back).  Look at all those chew toys.  And currently, I think there's actually a few more on the doors. 

So let's go to the third pic, which is actually the bottom of the same cage.  Here's the entire cage. 

Again, there are definitely chew toys in the cage.  Maybe not in the exact pic that they saw, but in the cage.  But the thing that also drives me nuts... see all the wooden shelves?  I value chew toys, don't get me wrong, but if the choice is between chew toys or shelves, I will tell the person spending the money to go with shelves.  Because.... chins can chew on the wood shelves.  So even if there were no chew toys... they'd have something to chew on.  But what this all boils down to is this -- people caring too much about stuff that's not theirs.

Another case in point.  I just listed Marble, the guinea pig.  Got an email today in response to one of the ads I put up, and all it said was "he looks sick."  Now, I saw that and went back and looked at the pictures of him, and then asked a guinea pig rescue to look at the pictures of him... we all agree he's fine.  Sick guinea pigs have standing-up fur, hunched back, bad looking eyes... he has none of any of that.  Let's take a look.

....looks happy as a clam to us.  And just in case anyone wants to say he's bored or has no chew toys....

...just makes me mad, cause it seems like people have nothing better to do....

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