Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Getting stuff done....

So... doing lots today.

Had someone want to know about shipping a cage and shelves out to them on the east coast.  Even without figuring it out, I knew it was going to be expensive.  Figured it out -- $50.  Yikes.  Guarantee they won't be getting that.

Got another order ready, just need to find a box and package it up.

Put together the loofah toy that I have had on my to-do list forever, the zany loofah hanging toy.

Dunno why the picture is sideways, it's an up and down toy.
...and then listed that toy ($5.50) and the stoplight loofah ($2.25) and colored anything goes toys ($5.50 each) on the website.

colored anything goes toys

stoplight loofah

...and then checked my email and I have yet more people wanting to surrender their chins.  One guy emailed and said, well, there's a rescue closer to him, but they're full.  Um... read the website buddy... so are we.  I told him I could add him to the waiting list, but that's about all I can do at the moment....

So, I tried to put Shani and Summer together.  In a few words, it did not go well.  Shani started beating up Summer, and I couldn't easily get them apart, cause Shani kept going after me when I reached in the cage, and Summer wouldn't come out from under the wheel, and I was panicking, because Shani could easily kill Summer, so I posted on facebook... and Peggy (of Rescued Rat Adoptions) posted something about, I need a net.  I have a net!  I use it to catch the difficult loose chins, and so I used that and then was able to get Summer out.  Summer is NOT happy and wants to chew on me now, but doesn't look too bad.  I think I'll have to split the cage in two, but that's for another day.  At the moment, they're separated.

Got a picture of the bridge I made for someone and got that to them.. they like it that length, so I just need to figure out shipping for that.  Tomorrow.

Made up some more loofah toys until I ran out of red loofah.  I think that was like 6-7 toys, so that should last me a little while.

Cleaned up the rescue a bit more.  Finished dusting the chins in all the FN cages, and weighed all the fluffballs that haven't yet been listed.  All the little chins are ready to go except for the beige male.  Who in all fairness, is probably ready to go, but I want to see him gain a little more, cause he's still tiny.  So now I have my list of chins to list, guess I will be getting to that over the next few days.

Had my only appointment of the day show up, after several hours of driving and construction, and picked out Clive and Amethyst to take home.  So those boys are happily in their new home now.

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