Wednesday, August 26, 2015

People amaze me...

So, I suppose people never cease to amaze me, but there's occasionally ones that stand out from the rest as even MORE *shaking my head* than usual.  Was sitting here, got a message on facebook that popped up in the corner of the screen (for the rescue page) that said basically, looking for a white female, 2 years of age or older.  As that little window only shows a little portion of the message, I clicked on it.  Thinking, ooh, we have Salt.  Yeah, well, this person isn't adopting.  Here's their short (but very problematic) message:

Looking for a white female 2yrs plus in age... Where are you located? I have a grey and a cage to trade...

I told the guy, we don't trade, this is a rescue not a swap meet.  But there are so many problems with this!  First, this just SCREAMS that this guy thinks animals are disposable and don't have feelings / emotions / however you want to put it.  Oh, tired of the color you have?  Swap out for another!  It's the same thing, right?  Cause you know, you're not happy with the black fridge, take it and trade for the silver one, right?  Not for live animals, you don't.  

Second... this is a rescue.  I've seen all sorts of trade posts on reptile sites between private owners and such (and really, even that I think is kinda odd), but for a rescue?  Try walking into a humane society and bringing your mutt in and saying, hey can I trade for that nice purebred doberman?  See how well that works out, and watch the looks they give you.  They won't adopt to you either.

And thirdly... people, READ.  It says RIGHT on the About Us page (on facebook... and if you go to the website, in multiple places) where we're located.  And when I just had the chins on the website and a few other classified sites, people complained they weren't listed on facebook.  So I created a facebook album for the available critters and now I keep that updated as well.  And people STILL "oh do you have this?" -- how about, could you make the slightest bit of effort and then get back to me?

Had another person like that the other day.  Wanted to do a trial run, but one of the chins they were interested in was already on hold.  I told them I would snap them some pics of the other chins we had here when I got home (the next day).  She asked where I was located, I told her, and then she asked if we did delivery.  Mind you, this person wanted to do a trial run -- where you put down a $50 deposit and get to try out a chin with all supplies for a week -- and wanted me to deliver all this stuff and two chins to her -- FOUR hours away.  Might I mention, the rescue doesn't make a CENT from trial runs, because assuming you bring back the chins and cages and all, you get your deposit back!  But no, I should spend 8 hours round trip of my time (and GAS) to deliver chins to her to figure out if she likes them or not.  And what do you bet, if she did, she would have wanted me to drive to her to pick the cage back up.  And of course... is the vet gonna deliver services?  I told her we don't deliver and said I would get her pics.  And I did, and of course, never heard back.  Guess they were really counting on me spending a day of my time, and all that gas, potentially for nothing (if they didn't end up adopting).

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