Monday, August 17, 2015

People being late.

Ok, so I officially think I'm going to add something in the email about being late.

Get an email back from the people who I waited for over a half hour yesterday...

From my understanding it was anytime after five. After our hour drive was extended due to traffic we arrived around 5:45. I did not have your phone number to contact you and tell you we where running late, however you had mine and could have contacted me. I was really set on adopting a chinchilla from a rescue but after this falling through I'm not so sure. Please understand that your house was not a drive down the road, it is over an hour for me.  Not quite.  True, I had told her, I would be home anytime 5 or later.  But let's compare -- call up a doctor's office and they'll tell you they have morning appointments available.  Does that mean you can come anytime in the morning?  No, you set an appointment.

My response:

When we talked about setting an appointment, I had said that I would be home 5 or later.  You replied with, "that time would work tomorrow."  I took "that time" to mean, literally, the only specific time that I had mentioned, which was 5 pm.  I actually had sent you an email as well, which had said that I had marked you down for 5.  I understand now what you meant, but its too bad that you had not replied saying that you meant 5 or later... because I would have emailed you back saying we needed to pick a more specific time.  Appointments are just that -- time slots.  When I said I would be home all night, I meant that in the sense that we could pick a time and I would make sure I would be home for when you got here....which would allow me, for the time before and after that appointment, to not be here, if necessary. 

I apologize for the misunderstanding.  However, I did not know where you were coming from, and without any contact saying you were running late or were still coming, I needed to get other things done.    
So.. if she wants to be snarky and say, ok, now they're not going to adopt -- fine.  Won't break my heart.  You can't pull this shit anywhere else, where you think you can show up any time you damn well please.  It says on the website, and I know I say in my emails to people, that we need to set an appointment.  An appointment is not "anytime 5 or later," no, an appointment is 2 pm, or 3 pm, or whatever.  The most I'll ever do is when someone's coming from far away and says they'll be here between 10 and 11.  Ok, so I won't schedule anyone else until 12, just in case they come at 11.  But I will never leave the entire night open for someone.  Sorry, just won't do it.

And I'm sure she doesn't like me very much right now, but I don't feel like I'm being difficult.  Because in all reality, I feel like my time is just as valuable as theirs... but they have no problem wasting my time.  Well, no more.

So... moving along.  Had someone I've been talking to about coming to adopt a chin, and they have all their paperwork and everything in, just needed to set an appointment.  Well, they wanted to come Monday (today) [email was from a few days ago], and I had emailed back saying that was ok, and asking what time.  So, didn't hear back from them until 2:30 today, saying they thought they would be here by 6-7.  Nevermind, you know, the fact it'd been several days, and I could have scheduled several appointments in the meantime... but anyway, I didn't have much going on tonight, so I emailed back saying that'd be fine and would see them later.  Well, 7:45 comes around and they finally arrive.  Said something about getting lost, but no sorry or anything.  No email or text or anything saying they would be late.  Just frustrating. 

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