Friday, January 15, 2016

Location, location, location....and calls...and Christmas update.

I know my last post talked about people from way-too-far-away wanting to adopt...and I know we touch on that all the time... but it's because... so many people don't even bother to check!

Now, in all fairness, I do realize that if you search for chinchillas and some state, your first posts will be chinchillas from that state (if there are chinchillas in that state).  But once you run out of chinchilla listings from that state, google will show you results from wherever in the world.  So, like for example, I had someone email me about this one chinchilla, asking if we still had her available.  Sure do.  They wanted pics, so I sent pics.  Then they ask, where are we located.  Hammond, IN.  Oh, well they're in California. 

Someone asked me the other day how busy the phones are.  Well.. it's my own cell phone, so it is busy at times, and it isn't.  Mostly, perhaps sadly, it's people calling for the rescue.  Not too many people call just to talk to me (haha?).  But let me give you some examples.

Last night (too late for me to call them back by the time I noticed... because I was at dog class), I got a call from someone who adopted and their niece (who came with) had been playing with Summer and wanted to know if she was for adoption.  Called them back, said, sorry, no, but gave them the number for Eco Exotics (630-395-0588 for those that want it), and they usually have prairie dogs in the spring.

Also had a call last night from a guy, Chad, who was wanting his chins to come into the rescue.  Said he was in Ohio and wanted to know if I knew of other rescues if we couldn't take them in.  I told him, he'd have to bring cages because our cages are full at the moment, but if he was looking for a rescue closer to him he might try Heartland, and gave him their number.

Got a call today from someone who saw the website and wanted to come adopt a chin.  We set up an appointment, they came by and took home our blue diamond along with a cage and all supplies.  Yay.

Then had a call today from someone else with two outside rabbits that they wanted to rehome.  They're way up north so they weren't so sure about making the drive up here and were waiting to hear back from some other people, so she's going to see what happens with that before she officially gets back to me as far as whether she wants to come by with them or not.

Then got an email and a phone call from someone who is being transferred out of country for their job and needs their chin to come into the rescue.  Called them back, didn't get them, so I left a message.  Ended up emailing them back when I got home because I still hadn't heard back and they had mentioned they could come tomorrow (Saturday).  So I got in touch with them and now they're coming by tomorrow.

And lastly, before I go to bed... for the local people who read this, you probably know around Christmas we have our rescue Christmas tree at Hearts in Motion with ornaments for sale.... this year we sold $36 worth of ornaments!  For everyone who purchased one, thank you for your generosity!  And thank you to my mom for checking on the tree and adding ornaments when needed.  The tree will be back up next year for anyone who wants to support the rescue and get some ornaments to add to their own tree. 

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