Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Updates and going on's.

So, I know it's February, and I know the store isn't back open yet.  Hopefully soon.  But lots of other things have been going on.

As you may have noticed, we have a current sale on chins.  Lots of chins available, lots more that I've taken pics of and have notes on... just need to write up descriptions and get them all listed.  Sounds really quick and simple but it really isn't...

Had a few people lately that I've been talking to and mentioning how if I only had to do the orders, or if I only had to deal with adoptions, basically one or the other, things would go quicker.  Things wouldn't get behind (or at least, as far behind).  So they were asking what else goes on that takes up my time... so the other day, I wrote down the different things that I was doing.  Some of which pertain more to my own chins than to the rescue ones, but since when I sell mine, the money goes to the rescue... it's still related.

So... the other day I was going around to all the runs and looking to see which needed closed off.  See, when a female has babies, typically you want to make sure you close off the run (and the male chin) from her within a day or two.  But easier said than done, because I don't always have the run close-offs handy, so that's one of those things that sometimes get done on day 2.  Anyway, so I was going around looking for ones to shut off, and I noticed Ace's run had two chins in it.  Like IN the run.  Well, that sure ain't right.  So, I could tell which one was Ace, and which one wasn't, so I tried to corral the female back into her cage.  Well... she somehow got in the run with her collar on, and couldn't seem to get back through the run-hole with that stinkin collar on.  I could see that the rivet was out of the collar, but this specific female is known for biting, so I didn't want to really chance getting too close to her head, because you know, sharp pointy teeth attached.  So I had the runway forks in there and tried and tried and tried to get her to jump back in her own cage.  Cause come on, she got in the run with that collar on, she could surely get out of the run with that collar on.

She refused.

So, that's one of my older sets of runs, which are on stands on wheels.  So, I moved everything to the left of the left set of runs, and scooted that entire stand over about a foot.  So I had about a foot of space to work with in between these two runs.  Now, the top run is just clipped closed, because it used to be clipped together... so it's not ringed together (which would be more difficult to open and close).  So I come back to the front of the cages and corral Ace into the other female's cage and close off that hole, so they had to stay in there.  The idea being, so I could corral the female that was in the run, all the way to the one side and open the run and grab her out that way.  And then, before she took a chunk out of me, get her back into her cage.  Well, I go to the side.  Get on the step stool, open the run, grab the runway forks to corral her to the left... and she jumps back into her cage!  AHHHHHHH. 

So then I moved everything back, opened up the run hole Ace was in, and got this female a new collar.

Then, at the same time I was checking which ones I needed to close, I was checking some of these chins to see if they were pregnant.  Not like you see some breeders palpitate them, I don't do that, but I'll stick my hand under their belly, and it does feel noticeably different if they are pregnant.  And they hop around but you try to get a quick little feel and see, and fingers crossed for some of these girls. 

Then I came across one that was matted.   And my chins all have regular dust baths, so it's worth mentioning that matting isn't always the result of bad care.  Sometimes they just mat.  So I spent time working those mats out of her fur before I was able to move on.

Then I found a female who I'd brought in a bit ago as a new breeder, and never opened up her run hole.  Oops!  Opened that.

Then I found some babies!!  Who-hoo!!  One of Bentley's females (standard x standard pairing) had four, get that, FOUR babies!  Ok, that itself I'm not that happy with, because that's quite hard on the mom to raise that many, if she even can raise that many, but this was a few days ago now, and so far, so good!  All standards, though that's all you could get out of this pairing, and they all look good!  And then Marty (med ebony) and one of his dark ebony females also had two babies, a dark ebony and a medium ebony.  Also looking good, very happy with them as well.

the quads with mom

And then because someone made a comment the other day on the phone, asking what a curly looked like...

...they can be more or less curly,  but this gives you an idea...

And then one last thing, before I go.  Let me remind you all, that this is a rescue.  When you adopt a chinchilla, you fill out and sign the adoption contract, which states, among other things, that if you need to return the chinchilla, you will do so without return of money.  Which also means, we're not doing anything like a trade!  I can't believe I even have to say that.  But let me tell you -- I had someone message me yesterday asking if one of the baby chins was still available, one of the ones that was $200 on sale.  I told them yeah, and they said they had adopted a pair of chins from me, and now they weren't getting along so well, and now they thought that it would be better to just have one.  So they wanted to know, could they surrender the pair and get the baby instead?  I told them, sure they could... but they'd have to pay for the baby.  Look, here's the thing.  It doesn't matter that the pair they adopted, they paid $200 for.  That doesn't make any difference, we're not swapping chins.  Try going to the humane society, and tell them, you adopted a dog awhile back, but it's not working out... so you want to bring it back, and just swap it for another one.  They will look at you like you've lost your mind.  And rightfully so.  That's just not how it works.

And that's all for today... til next time... which hopefully will be sooner than it has been lately....

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