Thursday, February 25, 2016

Rabbits and Oddball Questions

So, I have one rabbit listed right now -- BunnyLove.  Before I go on, let me copy and paste the relevant part of her ad:

 This girl originally came from a hoarding situation, we were told in Kentucky, and was taken in by another rescue.  She was fostered out, but unfortunately, her foster home was unable to care for her after some time, so she came to our rescue…and now she is available for adoption.

Unfortunately, we do not know how old BunnyLove is.  She’s definitely an adult, but past that, no one knows.  We’re also not sure exactly what type of rabbit she is.  We believe that she is a lop x lionhead mix, possibly with something else in there, but not positive as far as what.  She is a larger rabbit, at least 5-7 pounds, so the lop part would need to be a larger lop, if she is a lop x lionhead mix.  

She is cage aggressive.  She’s not the rabbit for you if you have little kids that want to help clean the cage.  We use a litter scoop to scoop her litter pan, and she will take her front paws and swat at it.  She will also lunge for you from across the cage while you’re cleaning it.  She has nipped, once, while doing this, so we advise that she not go to a home with little kids.  Ideally, the solution is to take her out when cleaning her cage.  

Other than the cage aggressiveness, she is fine.  If you reach through the bars to pet her, especially on her forehead, she will just sit there and enjoy the pets.  When out of the cage, she is fine as well… she just does not like people reaching into her space.

She is litterbox trained, for the most part (few spare poos here and there), which does make cage cleaning easy.  It’s scooping up the loose poos which is when we notice the cage aggressiveness.  She will come with her litterbox, although it’s nothing special.  But she does use it.

She will need a larger rabbit cage or an x-pen, as she is a large rabbit.  Keep this in mind.  If you need a rabbit cage, we do have some larger ones for sale.

She loves her carrots and leafy greens (though is not a fan of spinach), and is happy to munch on them as well as her pellets.  She is eating MannaPro Pro Rabbit and will come with 4 pounds to start you off with, as well as a printed out version of our Rabbit Care Packet.

We don’t know if she gets along with other rabbits.

As far as we know, she is not spayed.

... I got a call yesterday asking about the rabbit.  Said she wanted to know how old she was.  Now, look back up at the ad.  Do I mention how old she is?  Oh yes!  Right at the top!  Well, actually, we mention that we don't know how old she is, but regardless, it's in there.

The lady then says, oh, well how big is she?  Honest to God.  Also in the ad.

This is followed up by the lady telling me that she wants to get the rabbit as a rabbit for her little kid.  Pardon me for not being a fan of rabbits being Easter presents, but let's put that aside for a moment -- did she not read the freaking ad?????  It specifically says, we don't recommend a household with kids.  So then she asks, oh, why not?  I actually said something to the tune of, she must not have read the ad, because I said, as it says in the ad, she's cage aggressive, not for little kids.  So the lady says, oh well then I wouldn't want her with my boy.  No shit, sherlock, that's why we don't recommend her for a household with kids, cause kids aren't careful (in general) and the rabbit is cage aggressive and has lunged and nipped before.

So she then tells me, well she's going to continue her search.  She could have avoided this phone call entirely if she had just READ the ad.  Must be DIFFICULT FOR SOME PEOPLE.  Jeez.

So then I got a call today from Minnesota asking if this was a rescue or a shelter or what.  So I told them, this is a chinchilla & small animal shelter.  So the guy says oh, he's looking for a shelter, for himself, a human shelter.  Sorry, not one of those.  So he asks, am I sure we can't take him in?  Sorry, not that type of shelter.  Oh, well do I know of any?  Sorry, unfortunately I don't.  Actually, I don't know of any shelters locally, much less in Minnesota.  I'm not making fun, don't get me wrong, this is just an example of the oddball calls that I get all the time...

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