Saturday, February 27, 2016

All Aboard? No?

This is one of those things I will never understand.  People asking about chins and wanting everything basically done for them... and then saying, oh well not everyone's on board with this, sorry.

So this one lady contacted me, asking if I had any chins of a specific color that doesn't sell well.  I said no, and I don't get them often, and I told her, if she for sure wanted one, and would put down a deposit on one just based off pics (which I could send from Jim's), I would get one.  She sort of hemmed and hawed and said, well, if you get one, let them know.

So, I didn't have one for a few weeks, and I told her, check the website, maybe they'd find something else they'd like.  So she said, oh they have, but the son really likes this one color in females.  Which is fine, no big deal.  Again, she says, if you get one in, let us know.

So I get one in, and I think about these people, so I find their email, and email them saying I got in this female, color you wanted, this age, yadda yadda, were you interested?  Because you know, it's been a few weeks, they may no longer be.

The email back says basically, well, not everyone's on board with the chin, the significant other still isn't feeling it, but definitely send pics.  So I did, and told them, if everyone gets on board, just let me know.

But... I don't get it.  Why would you even go looking for a chin (or any pet for that matter) if the family's not all on board?  I mean, let's be honest.  ANY rescue you do this to will find you aggravating.  You waste their time, wanting pics, wanting to know, did you get it in?  Oh you did!!  Wait!!  We're not quite sure we want to adopt it.  Thanks though!!! 

I just don't get it.  WAIT until you're ready. 

Now, I don't mean, ok, next month you're moving and once you're settled in you're going to get a chin.  By all means, email early, we can have time to go through the whole thing.  But at least then everyone's on board with all of it and just waiting until the timing is right.  But if you're not sure... or someone's not sure... on behalf of rescues everywhere that have enough to deal with, without entertaining people like this, wait until everyone's positive they want to adopt.  Thank you.

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