Saturday, January 14, 2017

Setting Appointments

This is one of those things I wanted to share with you, purely because I think many will read this and understand just how much I sometimes want to bang my head against the wall. 

Little back story here.... I had a person set to come for their appointment, and they texted to cancel:

Them:  Not going to be able to make it today.  My next time off is the weekend.
Me:  Ok, when are you thinking for the weekend?
Them:  Whatever is good for u
Me:  Ok well let's start with, what day would you prefer?
Them:  Saturday?
Me:  Ok so Saturday I will be home until 6 pm.  Does a time before that work for you?
Them:  Yes
Me:  Ok, what time are you thinking?
Them:  What time is good for u
Me:  Would you rather come in the morning or afternoon?
Them:  Morning
Me:  Ok, how about 10 am?
Them:  Can u do 8?
Honestly... the reason I ask people when they want to come, is to give them the opportunity to tell me, like in this case... "hey, I want to come Saturday at 8."  This conversation was a complete waste of effort on both our parts.  She keeps asking me when's good for me... and then when we finally narrow it down and I specify when is good for me... she wants a specific time that's NOT the time I specified.  So what was the point of her asking when was good for me?  I guess I don't get it.

She really could have said, "hey, I can't make it today, can I come Saturday at 8?" and had this conversation turn out the same way.  Really.  And it would have saved us both some effort. 

I don't bite, people.  If you want a specific day and time, ask for it.  If I'm not around, I may tell you that, and maybe it won't work out for that specific day and time, but there's no point to dance around it like this.  That is all. 

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