Monday, January 9, 2017

Typo's in regards to chins, appointment times, etc...

So, I'm writing about this because it's come up twice in the last few days.  If you make a typo, and it's obvious, or even fairly obvious, I may notice.  For example, if the typo is something spelled wrong, I may notice it.  "I want to come at niht."  See the typo?  Ok, good, I do too.  And chances are, you, like me, know that that word should be "night."

But let's try some harder ones...  

How bout this one:  "I will see you at 4!"  --  Where's the typo?  Don't see it?  Let me tell you... it's the number "4."  So, this person showed up at 3 (because that's what they meant to type, that's what they had in their head), and I wasn't home yet, because I had them down for 4 pm, because, well, they literally typed the number "4." 

How bout this one: 

Me:  Which chinchilla are you interested in?
Them:  The 3 month white mosaic male
Me:  That one found a home, would you be interested in a similar one, same color, similar personality, but a few weeks younger?
Them:  Sure

They get here, I pull out the 2-3 month white mosaic male.  Oh... no they meant to tell me they wanted a grey chin to be put on hold (which I have none of right at this moment).

I'm not sure I'd personally call these "typos," but that's what these other people are calling them, and I suppose at the end of the day, it doesn't really matter.  But here's the thing... I just want you all to know that I'm not magical and I can't read minds.  If you type "4 pm," I will assume you mean, gosh, well.... 4 pm.... and that's the time I will have you marked down for, and that's the time I will be here for as well.  Same with the chin one... I don't actually know which chin they wanted, because I even went back and looked, and they very clearly had typed "3 month old mosaic male" -- and I had one of those (that had gone home earlier that day, hadn't had a chance to remove it from the site), so it seemed reasonable.

I guess the point behind all of this is -- when you send an email and it's referencing which chinchilla you want, or what time you want to come, please, proof-read so that you don't make any typos, so that we're all on the same page.  Cause I honestly won't know you meant something else...

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