Monday, October 2, 2017


Have you been one of the people who've volunteered lately?  If you have, thanks!  We appreciate it!  

I wanted to share a few of the things our volunteers have done lately, as often people think that it's just cleaning cages and cleaning more cages.  They have done:

  • cleaning cages (well, you know)
  • feeding the critters
  • haying the critters
  • watering the critters
  • filling and refilling our water filter
  • weighing the critters
  • dyeing loofah for toys
  • sanding wood blocks for toys
  • drilling and re-sanding wood blocks for toys
  • assembling toys
  • cleaning / organizing wood shop
  • helping pack up orders
  • washing food bowls / water bottles
Does this sound like fun to you?  Well, ok, maybe even if it doesn't, this is stuff that is done, some daily, some weekly, to keep the rescue running!  Want to help?  Let us know!  

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