Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Continuing From Yesterday

So, I ignore several phone calls today because I am so behind, and most phone calls... let's be honest... "can you take in my dogs?"

So I answer the one.  Clearly a young kid (and you all know how much I HATE when kids call).  Parents -- DO NOT have your kids call.

"I saw you have a rabbit on craigslist?"

So I acknowledge, yes we do, and of course (because I know you read yesterday's post), their only question is, "how much?"

*bangs head against the wall repeatedly*

So I tell the kid, and he says he wants to get the rabbit for his cousin.  Bad idea, but again, I'm talking to a kid, so this is probably getting nowhere, anyway.

I explain to the kid, we are a rescue, in order to adopt, we'd need THE COUSIN to read the care packet, fill out the adoption form, we'd review it, and we'd go from there.  I explain that I can email the docs if he'd like.

Naturally, the kid tells me he doesn't quite understand, and asks, can I explain it again?


So I explain it again.  He says he'll call back in a few minutes.

Needless to say, I never did get a call back.  Totally not a surprise.

And again... I know I've said this a million times, but it continues to ring true... this entire conversation could have been avoided, had the person calling actually read the ad.  Cause every thing I told them is in the ad.  I'm happy to answer questions... but after 15 years, it does get old repeating stuff that I took time to write out in the first place, that someone couldn't be bothered to read.

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