Thursday, July 10, 2014


For once, we have good and bad (well, neutral) in this post today, instead of the typical posts lately where nothing's going right.

Still haven't gotten to the store to order my hardware for the shelves.  Well, I mean, I've gotten there, but the one guy who I've been dealing with regarding this is on vacation and I need him back.  Like yesterday.  So, still hardware-less.  Once I get the hardware in, I can (soon after) make those shelves back available on the website again.

Remember that person that asked about those four shelves and the pricing and then didn't email back?  And if you recall, I said how much of a pain it is, after I've packaged the box, and then I get to unpack it, put everything away... and then occasionally the people re-appear and want it?  Oh yeah.  So, 14 days, yes 14 days, after I gave her the price quote, she says she wants the shelves.  Which of course, now I gotta pull out new ones, sand em, package em, etc etc.  Doing it all again.  She's sending a money order, and to be perfectly honest, I'm going to wait until I have that money order in hand before I package up anything.  But grrr that makes me mad.

Still waiting on payment for the, like, ONE, order that didn't flake on me from back when I told people it would be a few weeks. 

So, the first person to hear about the 7 day hold policy had asked me about how to put a chin on hold, and didn't respond, so I emailed them asking if they wanted to put the chin on hold.  They didn't respond.  So, yesterday, that chin was officially off hold, and someone else took it home.  Ya snooze, ya loose.  And see, had I had the 14 day policy, that chin would still be on hold.  But Cloud went home.

Frito #2 also went home today, not sure if I ever posted about that, but those people did come through with their adoption form on day 5.  I gave them 5 days to get a completed form to me, because I had someone else interested in Frito (the people who ended up with Cloud), and they got it to me.  Even paid in advance, which I would imagine would ensure that I kept the chin here for them.  But I did tell them, I would, as long as I got that adoption form in on time.

So those two chins went home yay!!

Even better.... back when, I had a nice lady adopt Nyler, a mini rex male rabbit, for her daycare in East Chicago.  Well, her grandson lives with her, and he liked Nyler and wanted a rabbit of his own.  This lady had called me up a bit ago asking if I had any rabbits or cages and at the time, I didn't.  So she called again earlier this week, just asking for cages, and I told her, I have this one rabbit cage here.  So she said she wanted to come look at it, and I told her, it wasn't clean, but I could clean it if she wanted it clean (if she wanted to buy it).  So she came with her grandson and they wanted to get the cage and then they saw Oreo & Zoro.... and they're going to adopt the rabbits!!  Yayyy!!

Oh and I want to use her as a good example of what TO DO.  She recently moved to a new apartment, and she was unsure if she could have rabbits.  So when she was here looking at the cage, she told me, she needed to check with her apartment, and I advised her, mention that they're caged pets (because, when I was looking for apartments with my chins, a lot of places didn't know if it was like loose like a dog or a cat).  So she said she'd ask and get back to me, and I asked that she let me know, either way.  So, she asked her apartment, and they said that rabbits were fine to have.  And she called me to let me know.  Now, that is what adopters are supposed to do.  BEFORE they go out and get an animal, they're supposed to check to see if they can have one.  And then, either way, let me know.  Which she did.  And I appreciate that.  They're set to pickup the rabbits tomorrow.  We don't have a time yet, but I have no doubt these people will be coming by.

Oh, and I just wanted to mention something.  If you've read this blog any number of times, even sporadically, you notice I talk about the people I come in contact with a lot.  If it's you, hey, maybe this is your 15 minutes of fame.  Someone mentioned the other day, what if I'm talking about how dumb someone was and they read the blog.  Well... they read the blog.  They probably don't like me very much after that.  Similar cases happen all the time, but chances are, if it's you I'm writing about, and you read that post... you probably realize I'm talking about you.  But really.... you're probably the only one.  No one's going to be on the street and be like, oh that's the guy who never returned her phone call about that cage!!  I don't add in that much detail as far as who's who.  And really, it doesn't matter.  Cause who cares if the person who adopted Cloud is tall, short, black, white, stupid, funny.... 

But really, here's the thing.  I don't write this to upset anyone.  Chances are, if you made the blog, and it wasn't because you adopted an animal (as in, the rabbits are getting adopted, here is their story, here is their new family), it was probably because of one of two things.  Either (1) you made a really good example of something either that people should or shouldn't do (see above for positive example), or (2) you made me feel a really strong emotion (usually aggravation, but sometimes I dabble in others) while dealing with you, and you made me want to share it with these fine people who read this blog.  Either way, I've had people get upset.  Which is fine, it's their right to feel however they want to feel.  But keep in mind, these just are my opinions of people.  You don't have to share them.  You can read this and think, "man, what a judgmental bitch!"  I love when people tell me, "you have no idea what's going on in my life."  No, I don't.  I admit that.  But you all don't know what's all going on in mine either.  I try to keep my personal life separate from the rescue (though, that does become difficult when most of my friends either run rescues themselves, breed chins, or are otherwise tied to the animal world).  I try to only write about rescue stuff and not let daily life creep in.  So while I have no idea what else is going on in your life, you have no idea what's going on in mine.  So, we can all judge all we want because none of us know what's going on in each other's lives. 

And you know, we can all start blogs.  I used to tell my friends these stories.  And if you are my friend that hears these stories even more than what I write on here, I'm sure they all sound alike with very slight variations.  You should see what happens when I get together with my rescue buddies.  Occasionally there's a story shared about something that went great, or an awesome donation, or something like that, but more often, it's commiserating about the people we have to deal with.  Or even the larger shelters that we occasionally get animals from that really should leave the small animal rescue to the small animal rescue, because they just have no clue.  But it's just life.  I'd love to say the rescue is awesome, things always go great.  And it is nice to see the animals get adopted into their (hopefully forever) homes.  But, there's a lot more to it than that.....and that's why there's a blog.

I don't know what this is from, but I like quotes (and while I may not remember what I had for breakfast, I can remember these things like no tomorrow), and this one fits, especially in the context of the rescue and having the happy customers photo page:

"You never see the hard days in a photo album, but those are the ones that get you from one happy snap shot to the next."

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