Monday, July 14, 2014

Inquiries wasting my time

And people immediately go right back to wasting my time.

I have two people who asked about chins.  First, someone asked about one of the pairs and asked if the cage came with.  It says right on the ad, these chins come with 4 pounds of food, goodie bags, lifetime of support, etc etc.  Nowhere does it say cage.... because.... they don't come with one.  So I told this person that, and I told her, we have several large cages that can work for a pair, the cages are on sale for right around $100.  Which is a super deal, because these would be $250+ cages in the pet store, and they wouldn't have the wooden shelves.  And she asked for more info about the chins, so I gave her more info about them.  Of course, I've never heard back.

And then another person, emailed asking about one of the chins we have that's not yet available.  Because the chin isn't available, her ad isn't up yet, so there's nothing to tell this person about her personality, whether she bites, fur chews, etc.  And if I can sell a chin without having to list it, that's less work for me.  So, by all means, I emailed her back, answered all her questions.  She asked for pictures, so I took pictures and emailed those to her.  Nothing.

This is why you see people with ads that say, "serious inquiries only."  Because for every 20 people like this, I get maybe one or two people that seem serious, that may pan out.  And probably half of those flake out at the end anyway.  But because you typically don't know who's who at the beginning, I gotta give everyone their time and effort.  But man, it would be nice if you could tell which people were not going to pan out.  I could save my self a lot of time writing emails, taking pictures, etc etc. 

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