Sunday, February 1, 2015

Proof of cage

You want to know why I do proof of cage?  Let me share.

I asked someone today, who'd gotten to the "proof of cage" part in the adoption process, to send me pics of their cages.  Here's a screenshot of what I got (cage 1):

And here's a screenshot of part of Whimy's Menagerie's page with their used cages for sale:

.....that's funny, they're the EXACT SAME PICTURE. 

Oh, wait, hold on, their second picture....

...and a page from Forever Feisty chinchilla rescue (picture on the right)....


And their third picture...

...and an ad on a reptile forum for ferrets and a cage... (in multiple pieces since it's a large ad)

...yeah nope.  Not dealing with these lowlifes that think they can lie and pass off others cages as their own and get away with it.  NOPE!!!  Chances are, that's not the ONLY thing they're being dishonest about....

See, and it's working.  Because before this, I would have just taken her word that the cage she described was her cage, and we would have been done.  Well, probably not, since she said her cage was 10 FOOT x 10 FOOT and was "in her room" even I have a hard fucking time believing that bullshit, unless she lives in some freaking mansion.  Cause my BEDROOM is 10' x 14'.

Anyway, point is, it's working.  This "proof of cage" is doing exactly what it's supposed to -- weeding out the people who would otherwise try to pull one past me.  Tough shit for them!!

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